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Chess In the Spotlight: HomeGate Real Estate Has the Properties to Help Its Brokers Succeed

Biggest Win

Achieving nationwide growth.

HomeGate is based in Charleston. But it’s growing fast. And the team hopes to keep that expansion going.

Tippets says, “Currently we have 6 offices in 4 states. With growth comes more exposure and market share.”

Biggest Risk

Changing the structure of the business.

Tippets says, “If the current brokers were not on board with the change, it could have hindered our growth, and possibly would have had to start over from scratch.”

Lesson Learned

Hire experienced agents right away.

At first, the company hired a lot of new brokers just breaking into the industry. But if he could do it all over again, Tippets says he’d take another route.

He explains, “Experienced agents attract other experienced producing agents.” That makes it easier to provide residual income for real estate agents as we go.

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Leveraging new technology and growth opportunities.

Tippets explains, “$100,000 could help scale our business nationwide faster and allow us to enhance our technology. Currently we are growing by word of mouth only. No loans have been taken out, and we are growing organically.”

HomeGate Real Estate Wants to Change the Game With Residual Income for Real Estate Agents

What Sets the Business Apart

A community service element.

Tippets says, “We strive to give back to the community by donating to several charities, and volunteering to help out when needed. In June we will be volunteering to join a local business in the area to clean up our beaches.”

Favorite Quote

The answer is always no, unless you ask.

Tippets explains, “Not sure who said it, but I say it all the time.”

* * * * *

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Images: HomeGate Real Estate business lounge, 2019 awards banquet

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