Chess Experts at this Online Event Reveal Secrets to Help Grow Your Business

The number of speakers who will be giving you insights into how to make your business succeed at Growth & Success Con 2018 is…er, growing, no pun intended. From September 17 -18, 2018, you can attend the online event and learn from their experience. Thes

Chess 10 Expert Tips for Putting Together Your Own Digital Marketing Puzzle

Building your marketing plan is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. One piece might be video marketing. Another might be email marketing. And there might also be some related to social media and content creation. To help you put together those pieces in

Chess How to Make a Great Small Business Landing Page (INFOGRAPHIC)

A new infographic by Ice Cube Marketing points out why a landing page with a great concept and design is so important. Having a great landing page for your website communicates a lot about your business. As one of the more important lead-generating tools in digita

Chess 15 Must-Reads Small Business Owners Can Choose from This Summer

Summer is often a time of rest and relaxation, with plenty of time to sit out by the pool or on the beach with a good book. It’s no surprise that entrepreneurs fill up their summer reading list with books that will help them run their business better. There

Chess Bulgaria Pays Fine to Lift Weightlifting Doping Ban

Bulgaria’s weightlifting federation said on Friday that it had paid a USD 250,000 (EUR 214,000) fine to lift a doping ban on its team competing internationally. The ban was imposed by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) in mid-2015 after Bulgar

Chess First Crypto ATM Machines to be Launched in Bulgaria

We dream of the day when crypto ATM machines are more common in our high streets than badly tuned guitars held by crusty buskers. When we think of the cutting-edge crypto industry, Bulgaria is hardly a place that jumps out from the crowd, however, they are about to

Chess Up to 60 Irish Holidaymakers Left Stranded in Bulgaria after Travel Agents’ Failure

THE COMMISSION FOR Aviation Regulation (CAR) has withdrawn the licence for a number of travel agents under the same company leaving dozens of Irish people stranded on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. It is understood that roughly 60 Irish customers due to leave Bourg

Chess The Cheapest Spot for Families this Summer

The cheapest place for British families to go on holiday in Europe has been revealed, thanks to new research. Turkey comes top of the list for places for bargain-hunting Brits, with the sea-side resort of Marmaris coming in at 36 percent cheaper than last summer.

Chess Hundreds of Miles between them but Shropshire and Bulgaria are Closer than you Think

Dobromira Bachvarova, 15, and Simona Kancheva, 15, who moved from Bulgaria to Oswestry, are students at the town's Marches School and are part of the schools apprenticeship programme. They are spending one day a week at the Oswestry Museum where they have complete

Chess The Ministry of Tourism Expects a 5% Increase in Foreign Tourists

We expect this summer to have growth o about 5% compared to last year's visits in June-September and foreign tourists to more than 5.5 million. In the summer of 2017 total foreign tourists reached 5.3 million, and then recorded an increase of 5.7%. If our forecasts

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