Chess Think-tank warns on US gas plant investment costs

Much of $500bn estimate for expenditure could go into alternative energy, claims RMI

Chess Oil rises as US unveils fresh sanctions on Venezuela

Chess Splitit Lets You Take Monthly Debit Payments from Customers

When you provide multiple payment options for your customers, you give them more opportunities for purchasing something from your store. Splitit has added another option with an installment plan for debit cards so customers can split their purchase cost into three

Chess 10 Major Challenges Facing Your Small Manufacturing Business

Much has been made of the decline in U.S. manufacturing. But the U.S. still produces more than 18 percent of the world’s goods. So manufacturing is still alive and well. However, small manufacturers in particular face a fair number of challenges, including c

Chess Answers To the Bulgarian Language and Literature Exams

Seniors took the compulsory exams in Bulgarian language and literature. Over 55,000 twelve-grade students wrote an interpretative essay or essay on "Man and Faith", the poem "Faith" by Nikola Vaptsarov. VIEW FROM THE RIGHT ANSWERS FROM THE EXAM HERE. The seven

Chess Why You Should Consider Pittsburgh for Your Start Up

Sponsored Post Pittsburgh, once known for its steel industry, is making an economic transformation as one of the nation’s emerging technology hubs. A report by the Pittsburgh Technology Council estimates that the city is home to nearly 35,000 people wor

Chess A Child Died After Falling into an Unsafe Wastewater Shaft in Sliven

A child who was only three years old died after falling into an unsafe wastewater shaft in Sliven, BTV said. The girl, who on Sunday was with his parents to visit the outskirts of the city was left without parental supervision and drowned after falling into a sha

Chess New Psycho Tests for Drivers

There will be new psycho tests for drivers next year after frequent cases of aggression on the road - scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences are developing new criteria to determine if the drivers have a good psychological condition, NOVA reports. They

Chess Salesforce CEO Advocates for National Privacy Laws, How Will Your Business be Affected?

When the CEO of one of the largest global tech companies speaks up, it gets a lot of attention. And this is what happened when Marc Benioff, Salesforce Chairman and CEO made an extraordinary announcement on CBS This Morning. When he appeared on the show, Benioff c

Chess The Luxury Property Market in Bulgaria

The luxury property market in Bulgaria is moderately high during the first quarter of 2018, according to an analysis by the consulting firm Unique Estates. Activity during the first three months was mainly in the lower price segment - up to 300-350,000 euros. Tran

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