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Netflix still gets booed at Cannes

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

THE rise of Netflix has been greeted frostily by some of the old guard at the Cannes film festival, where the American streaming giant’s disregard for releasing films in cinemas wins it few friends. It looked a bit more at home on May 21st, as the lights went up at the Louis Lumi?re theatre. The stars of its own film, “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)”, a comedy drama, accepted a standing ovation from the audience. Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s head of content, stood alongside Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller and other cast members. Festival-goers jostled for a word with him at a swanky after-party.

This is the first year that Netflix has been admitted into the festival’s competition, with two films, “The Meyerowitz Stories” and “Okja”, directed by Bong Joon-ho of South Korea. Still, cries of protest from French film-industry executives prompted Thierry Fr?maux, the festival director, to declare that, in future, only films guaranteed a theatrical release in…Continue reading

Google Primer App: Quick and Fun Business Lessons

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Google Primer App: Quick and Fun Business Lessons

One of the best kept secrets in the Google arsenal of small business tools is an app called Primer.  This app provides business lessons in an engaging, quick and fun way.

The app is free as are the lessons.  It’s available on Android and iPhone.  Once you download the app, you can take any of the business lessons — or all of them.

Each lesson tells you how much time it will take up front. Most lessons I saw were 3 to 5 minutes long.

I worked with Google to create a lesson on small business budgeting.  I am a Google Small Business Advisor (a volunteer capacity), and I provided the substantive information that went into the lesson.  Google assigned someone to do a half hour interview with me over Google Hangouts to gather my input.  Then the Google person assembled my points into the Primer app lesson format.  I thought they did a great job putting it together, and it was a very efficient process.

I checked out the app thoroughly before agreeing to volunteer my time on the lesson (trust me, I have plenty of things on my plate!).  But I felt it was well worth my time to do, because the app is so unique.

What’s unique about it is the format is so easy to use — and it’s engaging.  When you’re taking a lesson, it asks you simple questions and has other features to get you actively involved.  You’re not just sitting back and reading.

Since it’s a mobile app, you can take a lesson while sitting in the dentist’s waiting room, or while at the airport before your plane boards.

How’s that for a quick and easy way to learn?

For all you seasoned business owners who want a refresher or you up-and-coming  entrepreneurs who want to learn something new, it’s a fast and easy way to educate yourself and develop your business abilities.

Here’s where you can find my Primer lesson on small business budgeting: Primer is not available on desktop.  If you click on it from a mobile device you’ll be prompted to download the app immediately.  Otherwise, you’ll be asked to click from your mobile device.

Follow along on Twitter @YourPrimer to be notified of new lessons.

Image: Google Primer

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Merkel Warns US, Britain no Longer Reliable Partners

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Europe “must take its fate into its own hands” faced with a western alliance divided by Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday, reported AFP.

“The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out. I’ve experienced that in the last few days,” Merkel told a crowd at an election rally in Munich, southern Germany.

“We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands,” she added.

While Germany and Europe would strive to remain on good terms with America and Britain, “we have to fight for our own destiny,” Merkel went on.

Special emphasis was needed on warm relations between Berlin and newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron, she said.

The chancellor had just returned from a G7 summit which wound up Saturday without a deal between the US and the other six major advanced nations on upholding the 2015 Paris climate accords.


Enhanced Security Measures in Sofia Due to Levski-CSKA Football Game Tonight

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

The Interior Ministry reports enhanced security measures due to the football match between the eternal rivals of Levski and CSKA at the Vasil Levski Stadium downtown Sofia at 6.30 pm today.

The police officers have received the task to prevent any incidents.

The fans of both teams shall be accompanied and guarded along two different routes to the stadium with the purpose of safety, reported the Bulgarian National Radio.

Minors shall be allowed only with an adult person accompanying them and with a written declaration signed.

No guns, bombs, knives, sticks, perfumes, umbrellas, etc. are allowed into the stadium.


British Airways Hoping to Operate ‘Near-Normal’ Schedule

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

British Airways says it is “aiming to operate a near-normal schedule” after an IT failure hit thousands of passengers, reported Sky News. 
All flights were cancelled from London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports on Saturday due to what was described as a “global systems outage” blamed on a power supply issue.

Thousands of passengers were left stranded and terminals at both airports were “extremely congested”, with travellers urged not to stay away.

A BA spokesman said: “We are continuing to work hard to restore all of our IT systems and are aiming to operating a near normal schedule at Gatwick and the majority of services from Heathrow on Sunday.

“We are extremely sorry for the huge disruption caused to customers throughout Saturday and understand how frustrating their experiences will have been.


19 Foreigners Without Identity Documents Were Detained in the Area of “Trayanovi Vrata” Tunnel

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

19 foreigners without identity documents were detained by officials from Kostenets Regional Police Department. This was announced by the Ministry of Interior press center.

Policemen responded to a signal that had arrived at noon today, about a group of people on the move around the “Trayanovi Vrata” tunnel. On the spot, the policemen detained 19 men without identity papers, who claimed to be citizens of Afghanistan.

The foreigners were taken to the Regional Departmen where their origin and identity are to be established, and then they will be handed over to the competent services.


Leading Through the Turn: Enjoying the Journey of Business Leadership

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Leading Through the Turn: Enjoying the Journey of Business LeadershipBusiness biographies ultimately focus on the end goal, when the hero walks off to a beautiful sunset with their profitable business (or string of businesses) as a legacy for readers to follow. Leading Through the Turn: How a Journey Mindset Can Help Leaders Find Success and Significance is a little different. The focus in this book is on enjoying the journey leading up to the beautiful sunset. Elise Mitchell wants current and aspiring entrepreneurs to know that your focus shouldn’t be only on the end goal. You can and should learn from the entire winding journey that is entrepreneurship.

What is Leading Through the Turn About?

Elise Mitchell shares in Leading Through the Turn how she came to appreciate not only achieving her dream but the unorthodox journey that got her to that dream. She started off on the traditional path. Went to school? Check. Got hired by a PR company? Check. Dreamed about owning a global PR agency with her name on the front and agents who were thrilled to hang from every bit of wisdom? Check — with a twist.

Mitchell’s husband had been offered a prestigious opportunity … in Arkansas.

To Mitchell, this felt like the crushing of her dreams. She decided to move with her husband, thinking that her dream of becoming a PR newsmaker was over.

That wasn’t the end.

In fact, it was the start of two brand new businesses, a PR agency and a virtual talent network, which started from her kitchen table. Using her previous work experience and the resources around her, Mitchell transformed her PR business from a kitchen hobby into something ultimately larger than she had ever imagined.

In Leading Through the Turn, the life lessons that Mitchell learned during her entrepreneurial journey are transformed into a blueprint for others to follow. Her book looks at the crucial decisions she had to make at each step of that journey, whether that was working all-nighters to keep the business going or deciding if she wanted to sell that business after it reached millions. Through these decisions, Mitchell asks entrepreneurs to take a moment to appreciate the entire entrepreneur’s journey, from where they are now to where they want to be. If you don’t appreciate the entrepreneur’s journey while you’re on it, Mitchell explains, you’ll miss the significance when it ends.

Mitchell, a communications expert, author, speaker, philanthropist, and dedicated motorcycle rider, now serves as CEO of Mitchell Communications Group and the Dentsu Aegis Public Relations Network. She developed a powerful reputation in the PR and marketing industry before launching her own businesses from the kitchen table, a global media enterprise and a virtual talent network of freelance creative and media professionals.

What Was Best About Leading Through the Turn?

Mitchell is a great communicator and it shows throughout the book. Leading Through the Turn has two distinct features that deserve attention, especially in a world overflowing with leadership biographies. The first feature is the back-and-forth conversation Mitchell has with the reader. She shares the life situation or problem she faced, how she dealt with it and then follows it up with a discussion of how readers can adapt the insight into their own professional or personal lives. She does this effortlessly as if she were actually in the room giving a lecture with the reader.

What Could Have Been Done Differently?

One area that could possible use more attention is the section on innovation. Mitchell makes an excellent case for businesses (of all types) getting more involved with innovation for their long-term survival. She mentions briefly what she and another female entrepreneur did to improve profits. While this is inspirational, more practical examples (specifically how other entrepreneurs overcome innovation obstacles) might be helpful for those entrepreneurs that want to innovate but literally don’t know where to start.

Why Read Leading Through the Turn?

The road to success is often poorly paved, especially in business.

The pain points along the way to ultimate success are often forgotten. Who wants to remember the bad times, the slumps and the rough patches?

Of course, there are plenty of good times, too. But instead of separating them between good and bad, Leading Through the Turn looks at the journey through a singular lens — and embraces it.

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UK energy groups think digital to serve homes of the future

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Under pressure to cut bills, utility companies diversify to safeguard profits

Brussels poised to clear EDF takeover of Areva’s reactor business

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Deal will allow a €5bn state-backed capital increase and wider restructuring

Are You Attending These Two Important Small Business Twitter Chats in June?

Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Sometimes the best way to get ahead in business is to simply network and gather input from your fellow entrepreneurs.

And you don’t even need to travel or buy expensive conference tickets to do this. There are two upcoming Twitter chats next month that can help you learn more about various aspects of small business ownership.

The first chat is about confronting challenges in business. The MetLife sponsored chat takes place on June 21. And the second is just a week later on June 28. That Microsoft sponsored chat is all about getting inspired in business.

You can learn more about these chats and how to participate in the Featured Events section. Then check out even more upcoming event opportunities for small businesses in the list below.

To see a full list or to submit your own event, contest or award listing, visit the Small Business Events Calendar.

Featured Events, Contests and Awards

Twitter Chat: "Voices of Small Business: How Business Owners are Confronting Today’s Challenges"Twitter Chat: “Voices of Small Business: How Business Owners are Confronting Today’s Challenges”
June 21, 2017, Online, Twitter

Join us on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 7:00 pm ET under the hashtag #MetLifeSmallBiz to explore how small business owners are navigating the current economic climate as well as their outlook on hiring and future business conditions. Spotlight findings will be shared by Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends (@SmallBizTrends), and MetLife (@MetLife) from the new MetLife & U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index, including commentary from real business owners. Join in the discussion to receive actionable insights that will help you manage your businesses for success.

Twitter Chat: "Get Inspired in Your Business"Twitter Chat: “Get Inspired in Your Business”
June 28, 2017, Online, Twitter

Are you ready for the Microsoft Inspire event? The company’s annual partner conference is only a couple weeks away! Join Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends, and Small Business expert Gene Marks on June 28, 2017 at 3pm ET (12pm PT) under the hashtag #MSBizTips for a preview of what’s coming down the pipeline for small businesses from Microsoft, and discover what you can expect to learn from the conference.

Sales World 2017Sales World 2017
November 08, 2017, Online

Sales World 2017 takes place November 8th to 9th, 2017, Online; Live and On Demand. It is the largest Sales Industry Event in the World and will be attended by over 10,000 Sales Professionals. It’s the one sales event you can’t afford to miss!

DIGIMARCON WORLD 2017 - Digital Marketing ConferenceDIGIMARCON WORLD 2017 – Digital Marketing Conference
November 14, 2017, Online

DIGIMARCON WORLD 2017 Digital Marketing Conference takes place November 14th to 16th, 2017. Whether your goal is to reinforce customer loyalty, improve lead generation, increase sales, or drive stronger consumer engagement, DIGIMARCON WORLD 2017’s agenda will help attendees enhance their marketing efforts. Sessions will focus on building traffic, expanding brand awareness, improving customer service and gaining insight into today’s latest digital tools.

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