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The ONE Big Secret of Local Marketing

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

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The ONE Big Secret of Local Marketing

Did you know online listings, digital knowledge management and reviews can be the most important local marketing your business can have? Certainly social media marketing is important as is the quality of your website and other aspects of your business’s web presence. But tending your online listings and reviews should be your business’s first priority. Want to know why? Keep reading.

Here are 10 key points to remember when marketing your business online:

  • Living online is no longer enough.  Websites are important for promoting your business, but being active online and understanding the paths to purchase — how customers find your local business online — are what really count.
  • Most potential customers will never see your website.  In fact, on average people are three times more likely to see your business on Yelp, Facebook, Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo, FourSquare or similar sites. And they’ll often make their decision whether to patronize your business based on what they find there.
  • That’s even more true if you run a local restaurant. It turns out people looking for a local place to eat are on average 10 times more likely to find your eatery on a third party site. And they’ll decide right then and there whether to give your menu a chance without ever visiting your finely crafted home page.
  • The “path to purchase” is through third party sites.  This means the majority of your potential customers are making decisions whether or not to visit your business based on these review or listing sites. And while you may be managing one or two pages for your business on the most important of these — say Google My Business or Yelp — there are literally hundreds out there.
  • Services like Yext make managing these sites easier. By using Yext or other similar services, you enter phone, address, times of operation, products or services,  wheelchair options, gluten free food selections and other deep knowledge about your business, all in one place. Then press a button and the information is published to an estimated 80+ listing and review sites — all at once!
  • Your website IS still important. So don’t assume from all this it’s not. A visitor who finds you through a review or listing site may still want to learn more. There may be “deeper facts” about your offerings or a better idea of the overall experience you provide. Still, while a website can take weeks, months or longer to get up and running the way you want it, your listings can be managed and bringing in business within 72 hours.
  • Social media is important as well — to a point. You’re probably aware of all the social media platforms out there at your disposal. Those sites include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the list goes on. But here’s something you may not know.
  • The half-life of a Tweet can be as little as seven minutes.  After that, most people forget it. A Facebook post lasts a little longer — about five hours. But listings for your business live forever on the web. Focus your efforts there.
  • Reviews are also gamechangers. In fact, reviews may make all the difference between bringing in that new customer or losing him or her to a competitor. For example, if a customer searches Google for something like “best pizza shop near me” the restaurant with the most recent positive review will likely come out on top.
  • But the one BIG secret of local marketing is this. When it comes to online marketing, worry about managing listings and customer reviews first and social media last — and you’ll always be found in local search

For more on how to improve your local online marketing and put your local business on the map, visit

These tips and many more were presented during a live video event held October 18, 2017 with Rev Ciancio of Yext, host of The Hot Seat Ramon Ray, and Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell. You can watch the full session here:

This article, “The ONE Big Secret of Local Marketing” was first published on Small Business Trends


Bulgarian Scientists will Protest on November 1

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

On the Day of Bulgarian Enlighteners - November 1, the trade unions of scientists and scientists from the Agricultural Academy and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences organize a protest rally-procession, reports investor. 

Scientists will protest against the “genocide” of Bulgarian science, miserable and humiliating pay for highly qualified work, lack of managerial attitude and adequate solutions to guarantee decent work and social protection, CITUB has reported.

The CITUB supports the procession and the demands of the scientists from the two academies.

The struggle to increase incomes by at least BGN 100 is forthcoming for all Bulgarians, part of which is this procession.

“I hope the governors will hear the demands of the people at the rally tomorrow, and we will defend them with all the strength of their protest, and then in parliament, when we approve the next year’s budget,” said CITUB President Plamen Dimitrov.

The procession will go from the Bulgarian Academy of Science building to parliament before noon.


90% of the Murders of Journalists Remain Unpunished

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

The injustice to journalists is costly to all societies. Ninety percent of journalists’ murders are still unpunished, according to information provided by the member states of the organization in 2017. This was stated by UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova in connection with the approach to the International Day for the Cessation of Journalism Offenses – November 2.

Between 2006 and 2016, UNESCO has condemned the killing of 930 journalists, of which 102 in 2016, according to the latest UNESCO data from Report 2017/2018 on Global Trends in Freedom of Expression and Development of media.

In 2013, the UN General Assembly, came up with a resolution, designated 2 November as the International Day for Ending the Impunity of Crimes against Journalists. The resolution calls on Member States to take decisive steps to combat the impunity of this type of crime.


Ryanair Buoyant Despite Cancellations

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Ryanair has said it still expects to make record annual profits this year, despite disruptions to its schedules that led it to cancel 20,000 flights, according to BCC. 

The Irish airline said it made profits of €1.29bn (?1.14bn) in the six months to the end of September and forecast a full-year profit of up to €1.45bn.

Chief operations officer Michael Hickey resigned following the mishap.

The cancellations arose because pilots’ rosters had to be changed to comply with new aviation rules.

Ryanair’s shares rose more than 4% in early trading in response to the company’s results.

The flight cancellations were announced in September and would not have made much difference to the first-half profits.

However, rival airlines have reported an increase in bookings following the cancellations, as passengers were afraid of the effect on future Ryanair flights.

Ryanair’s chief financial officer Neil Sorahan said he was “absolutely confident” that the airline would have enough pilots and standby pilots for next summer.

Mr Sorahan said the rostering problem was caused by human error, not a systems failure.

He said pilots at 10 of its 86 bases had approved a new pay deal and that management continued to engage with pilots.


200 Killed in a Collapse of a Tunnel in the DPRK where Atomic Weapons were Tested

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

A total of 100 workers died in the collapse of a still unfinished tunnel in the DPRK, where North Korea’s leader Kim Jong un tests his nuclear weapons, reports Japanese media quoted by Bild.

Another 100 people have died in the rescue operation of the dead because of a new fall of a part of the tunnel, the Japanese news agency Jonathan reported. It is still unclear when the incident happened. The Kim Jong Un atomic bomb testing tunnel is located 200 km from the Russian border and about one hundred kilometers from the China border. The equipment is often photographed by satellites.

The DPRK’s news agency has not yet come up with an opinion on the issue.


62% of Bulgarians Claim to Believe in God

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

62% of Bulgarians claim to believe in God, while 26% firmly state they do not believe, reports mediapool. 

This is clear from the second part of the study of the value attitudes of the population conducted by the Trend Agency on the order of the Right Policy Institute. From October 3 to 10, 1004 people were interviewed face-to-face.

From the first part of the survey it became clear that in the Bulgarian society there is no serious value divide, and the most important values ??of the population are family and peace.

For nearly 60% of Bulgarians religion is not an important part of life. Data in the second part show that women are more religious than men, with three-quarters of the respondents saying they believe in God, while only half of men share the same opinion. The youngest (18-29) also have lower values ??of the question of whether they believe in God.



Minister of Tourism: We Expected 10% more Tourists in the Winter Season that the Previous Year

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

In the upcoming winter season, tourists are expected to grow between five and ten percent compared last winter.

This is what Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova commented in Rousse, specifying that these are initial forecasts. She recalled that the past winter season was extremely successful. Then there was a growth of 19.6 percent – over 1,400,000 foreign tourists visited our country, 24chasa reports.

In Angelkova’s words, innovation and digitization in tourism give very great competitive advantages to any country that has begun to use them in time, both in its advertising and in its travel products.


Total Amount of Expenditure on Research and Development Activity in 2016 is 13.7% Less Than in 2015

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

In 2016, the total amount of expenditure on research and development activity (R&D) was 734.0 million BGN which was 13.7% less than the previous year.

R&D intensity (R&D expenditure as % of GDP) also decreased in comparison with the previous year – from 0.96% in 2015 to 0.78% in 2016.

The decrease in total R&D expenditure in 2016 compared to the previous year was mostly due to the business enterprise sector where R&D expenditure decreased by 86.2 million BGN or by 13.8%.

The business enterprise sector continues to be the largest of the four institutional sectors of R&D performance with a share of 73.3% of the total R&D expenditure. It was followed by the government sector, higher education sector and private non-profit sector with share of respectively 21.2%, 5.2% and 0.3%.

The R&D activity was financed from the state budget, businesses, other national sources and from abroad. In 2016, the largest was the share of R&D funds coming from the business enterprise sector – 43.6%. They increased by 5.7% compared to the previous 2015 (from 302.6 million BGN to 320.0 million BGN). Compared to 2015, the funds from foreign sources for R&D decreased by 32.7% (from 372.9 million BGN to 250.9 million BGN).

In the structure of R&D expenditure by fields of science, the highest share belonged to technical sciences – 57.2% or 419.5 million BGN, followed by medical and health sciences with a share of 19.1% (140.3 million BGN) and the natural sciences – 13.0% (95.6 million BGN).

In 2016, the personnel employed with research and development activity amounted to 25 033 persons (in full-time equivalent), which was 11.3% more than in the previous year. The share of women in total R&D personnel was 47.6%, as the difference in the level of employment between genders was 4.8 percentage points in favor of men. The number of researchers also increased by 1 754 persons or by 12.3% compared to 2015. As in 2015, the main part of scientific staff is concentrated in companies and research institutes in the business enterprise sector – 44.8% of the total staff (in full-time equivalents) or 11 226 persons. In organizations and institutions of the government sector in scientific activities were involved 8 047 persons, which constitutes 32.1% of the total personnel engaged in R&D in 2016. In the higher education sector 5 707 persons are engaged in research and development, with a relative share of 22.8%.



Source: National Statistical Institute (NSI) 


10 Tips to Prevent Burglaries at Your Small Business

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

10 Tips to Prevent Burglaries at Your Small Business

There were 1.7 million U.S. burglaries in 2014 alone, says Streamline Telecom Inc. And small businesses are four times more likely to be victimized than homes. Here are 10 tips to prevent burglaries at your small business.

Ways to Prevent Burglaries at Your Small Business

Place Inventory Strategically

Items that might be tempting to burglars should be placed out of harm’s way. For example, taking sunglasses out of the window at the front of a retail store works.  A display placed on the front counter checkout is a much better idea.

Sean Nolan is the founder and operations director at Streamline Telecom Inc. He says some planning goes a long way to preventing burglaries.

“An organized store helps to deter this kind of theft,” he says.

At least taking any high risk items out of window displays at night lowers the risk.

Evaluate Your Storefront

Nolan stresses this is one of your small businesses’ most vulnerable access points. You should you have an effective alarm system for starters. Security cameras covering multiple angles is also necessary.

“You may also consider posting the Operation Identification sticker on your storefront, so thieves will know that you have a security system in place,” he says.

Beef Up Your Glass

A determined burglar can usually find their way into your store. However that doesn’t mean you can’t do things to slow them down. Replacing traditional glass with a tempered variety makes a smash and grab much more difficult. Laminated glass is an excellent choice too.

Any kind of reinforced glass only breaks after several strikes which causes a lot of noise and draws attention.

Use Bars and Locks

It’s not always necessary to go high-tech. Putting bars on the windows at the back of your storefront discourages burglars. Having double cylinder deadbolts that need keys on either side discourages any potential criminals from hiding inside and waiting for your store to close.

Position Safes Near The Front

Small business owners might think it’s best to put the safe in a back room out of sight. Actually, it’s better to move them to the front where any kind of suspicious after-hours activity can be seen from the street.

Bolting them to the floor helps discourage any burglars who might be casing your store.  Leave as little cash as possible inside after you’ve closed up for the night.

Light the Outside Up

Many small business owners keep the inside of their stores well lit to prevent burglaries at night. However, there’s another angle to preventing crime.

“By keeping the parking lot and exterior well lit, your cameras will be able to capture the thieves and their license plate numbers,” Nolan says.

Keep the Outside Manicured

If you keep the lawns and walkways around your business manicured and clean, you’ll discourage criminals who are casing the area. Well looked after properties tell them someone is always around.

Cutting back hedges and trees that obscure windows is another good idea so there’s no where for a potential thief to hide.

Establish Good Sight Lines

Although it might seem counter intuitive, leaving cash registers and computers in plain sight allows police to keep an eye on them when they patrol at night. Leaving cash register drawers open after you’ve closed up for the night deters burglars.

Get Security Cameras

Security experts will tell you getting cameras for your property serves a twofold purpose. Not only do they act as a deterrent, but they also provide a record if your place gets burglarized.

Nolan says they aren’t just useful as after hours tools.

“These cameras are also active during hours of operation, so you have a record of all employee and customer activities.”

Get Expert Help

There’s a lot to think about when you’re trying to prevent burglaries at your small business. Getting some expert advice can help you find the right combinations. 

For example, getting the right combination of alarms and cameras can be tricky without some professional advice.  The Electronic Security Association can point you to a chapter near your small business.

House Break-In Photo via Shutterstock

This article, “10 Tips to Prevent Burglaries at Your Small Business” was first published on Small Business Trends


The Downward Trend in Unemployment Continues in September

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Unemployment in Bulgaria slightly declines in September on a monthly basis, reaching a level of 6.1%.

This is the latest Eurostat seasonally adjusted data released today (October 31) and quoted by

The unemployment rate in Bulgaria has remained stable over the past four months, ranging between 6.1% and 6.2%. On an annual basis, however, there was a significant decrease, as in September 2016 without work there were 7.2% of the working population in the country.

The unemployed in Bulgaria in the ninth month of 2017 are a total of 202 thousand, according to data from the European statistics.

The level of youth unemployment in the country is also declining but still high. In September, it has reached 12.4%, which is its lowest level for at least the last four months. On an annual basis, there was a significant decline, and in September 2016 it was 18.5%. A total of 19,000 young people under the age of 25 were unemployed during the ninth month of the year.

Unemployment in the European Union (EU) as a whole remains unchanged in September on a monthly basis, reaching 7.5%. On an annual basis, however, there is also a more pronounced decrease compared to 8.4% in September 2016, or 0.9 percentage point difference. This is the lowest unemployment rate in the region since November 2008.

Unemployed in the region in September were a total of 18,446 million people.


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