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Aviation/climate change: plane speaking

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Industry needs a technological breakthrough to avoid being blown off course

The centre cannot hold – the failure of Change UK and the atrophying of political thought

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Our columnist reflects on why those trying to shake up contemporary politics have been destined to fail

10 Ways to Advertise Your Business for Under $50

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

10 Cheap Advertising Ideas for Your Small Business

A number of small businesses still aren’t spending enough advertising cash to get good results although they know they should. One of the reasons is a limited budget, but did you know that there are some solid cheap advertising ideas out there that are more effective than you’d think?

Cheap Advertising Ideas

Here are 10 cheap advertising ideas to get the word out about your business for under $50.

Service Apps

Ben Taylor is the founder of the HomeWorking Club. He points to several apps as cheap ways to advertise.

“If your business provides services, apps like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack help you to get into contact with customers who need them,” he writes.

TaskRabbit charges a $25 registration fee.

Notice Boards

He also suggests going old school by taking advantage of noticeboards in places like supermarkets. A package of markers and speech cards are cheap.

Business Cards

More old school suggestions that work and come in under budget. Vistaprint can supply 100 business cards for well under $50.

As far as the design goes, you can use a template or create your own. If you’re designing your own business card remember to keep it simple. Remember to include taglines and contact info.

You can also pay a small fee to local restaurants/businesses to leave your cards at the counter. Business cards fit nicely in the corners of bulletin boards at public locations.

Determining the ROI on these can be a little tricky because you’re handing them out in physical spaces . Ask new customers how they found your business.  You’ll get some indication of how effective these are.

Facebook Groups

“There are lots of options for advertising on Facebook,” Taylor writes. “At a basic level you may even be able to promote your business on local groups. With a budget of $50 and some good targeting, you could reach plenty of target customers.”

You can also make your own Facebook group. As a small business you have the option of putting one in a buy and sell category.

Another quick tip to make your advertising dollars go further. Having theme days for your Facebook group will attract people. One good example revolves around asking people to share their gripes on a Monday.


Sign up as a source . Reporters and writers look for experts at HARO to comment on pieces they write. There’s a standard subscription that’s under a $50 monthly budget. You’ll get lots of good exposure through links and position yourself as an expert.

Email Marketing

Jared Weitz CEO/Founder United Capital Source Inc thinks emails work.

“Conduct an email marketing campaign,” he writes. “There are many great low-cost tools, like MailChimp, that will allow you to send professionally crafted emails. You can even track open rates, clicks on links and visibility to those who unsubscribe.”

Email marketing works best when it’s regular and consistent. If you’ve got first names on your list, those are great to add to personalize the emails you send.


Visual like infographics are effective ways to advertise. There are a variety of options here. Lots of free choices and paid ones that come in under $50 a month.

Small businesses should really give these a close look. Consider almost all of the info our brains receive is visual according to HubSpot. It’s a good idea to start by introducing your message with a brief summary.

Social Media Ads

For $30, you can reach thousands of prospects. However, you need to outline a goal before you start. Facebook and Instagram are two of the best places to get going.

You’ll find that each social media platform has a metric you can use to gauge its effectiveness. Google AdWords uses a Quality Score. Facebook uses a Relevance Score. The Facebook version is pretty simple to use. A score of one tells you your ad isn’t doing well. The higher numbers tell you the opposite.

There are a few ways to make these more effective. First is narrowing down your target audience to get more engagement. Making sure your ads have an attention grabbing image is good no matter what social media you’re using.


These are effective but not always cheap. If you can handle the monthly subscription, there’s a few possibilities to look through here. ClickMeeting is a good one.

Here’s a few good tips to make these work. Visuals are important. Even though you can do these on the cheap digitally, you want to have some nice slides to capture attention. Having a handout is another good idea. A screenshot of all your slides gives prospects something to look at after.

Affiliate Marketing

You should be able to find a good service here that comes in under budget monthly. GoAffpro offers a connection to Instagram influencers for $19 a month.

There are a few things that a small business needs to look for to get the most from any service. First, it’s important to look for an option  that has some kind of real-time tracking.

You want to be able to have real-time data on things like clicks and impressions. It’s a good way to make sure your marketing efforts are on the right track.


This article, “10 Ways to Advertise Your Business for Under $50” was first published on Small Business Trends


Police Officers Discovered Modern Marihuana Greenhouse in Sofia

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Metropolitan police officers have revealed a modernly equipped greenhouse for marihuana growing, the Ministry of Interior announced. A man with criminal past is detained.

A number of air ducts, air conditioners, and other items and materials supporting the growth and development of marihuana have been seized and in the search of a service room, adapted as a marihuana greenhouse.

Еnvelopes with different sizes containing dried grass, powder and tablets, and electronic scales were seized.

The result of the expert report revealed that the herb is a marihuana weighing 3099.36 grams, amphetamine – 211.4 grams, heroin – 1.46 grams and hash – 6.94 grams.

The 49-year-old man was apprehended as a defendant and detained in custody for up to 72 hours.


28 New Electric Cars BMW and Hyundai Will be Launched in Sofia

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

 28 new electric cars will be enjoyed by the citizens of Sofia by the beginning of the next week. The cars are branded by BMW i3 and Hyundai Ioniq, Spark reported to

The total number of electric cars in the company already exceeds 200 out of 8 different models.

It is expected that the new Hyundai Ioniq will go on the streets of Sofia tomorrow, while the BMW i3 will be available by the end of this or the beginning of next week, the company added.

“With the addition of a premium segment in SPARK we can say that in our service, there are electric vehicles that cover all the needs of our users. We offer fast, easy and profitable access to a wide range of different models of all-electric vehicles – small urban electric cars, full-size hatch cars, crossover, cargo and passenger buses, and premium high-end electric vehicles, “said Stefan Spasov, SPARK’s CEO Bulgaria.

The idea of ??the company is by the end of this year to increase the number of electric vehicles to over 300.

By 2020, the expansion of the parking areas in the capital will continue.

The service is available through a mobile phone. The registration is done with the introduction of a driving license and after the approval can be rented a car. After use, the car can be left either at specially designated locations or in a blue or green area.


Sofia Municipality is Preparing a Program For Improvement of the Air by 2026 with EU Funds

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Sofia Municipality will make a program for improvement of the air in Sofia for the period 2021 – 2016.

The financing of the project is under Operational Program “Environment” – BGN 400 000.

Today, Mayor Yordanka Fandakova signed a contract with the Minister of Ecology Neno Dimov at the Ministry of Environment . The program provides for a five-year period to reduce pollutant levels and to reach the set standards for the quality of the atmospheric air in Sofia.

There are certain limits for the content of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, nickel and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which should not be exceeded in the ambient air.

The duration of the project is 18 months.

The aim of the program is to reduce harmful emissions and fine particles in the air in Sofia after it was confirmed that domestic heating is one of the biggest pollutants. 55,000 households in the capital are heated with solid household fuel. About BGN 700 million is provided to municipalities in Bulgaria to solve their air quality problems.

On June 5, the Council of Ministers adopted the National Program for the Improvement of Ambient Air Quality 2018-2024. According to her, the measures are directed to the base particulate pollutant – domestic heating and transport.


Rio Tinto cuts production guidance for most important commodity

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Miner’s iron ore output hit by operational issues at Western Australian hub

Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolova Met with the Indian Ambassador Pooja Kapor

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy Mariana Nikolova and the Indian Ambassador to the Republic of Bulgaria Pooja Kapor, discussed the development of Bulgarian-Indian relations.

They discussed a wide range of topics related to bilateral co-operation, including the excellent potential for tourism and business development between the two countries. The focus of the talks was the upcoming business forum “India – Europe 29″, which will take place in New Delhi.

During the meeting, which was initiated by the Indian side, Deputy Prime Minister Nikolova thanked for Bulgaria’s invitation to participate in the forum and expressed support for strengthening the economic relations between the two countries.


Only 40% of Bulgarians Consider Vaccines as Safe

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Public distrust of vaccines means that the world is taking a step backwards in the fight against lethal but preventable diseases, said experts quoted by the BBC and the Bulgarian National Radio.

The largest global survey of attitudes to immunisation indicates that confidence in the vaccines is low in some regions.

The Wellcome Trust analysis includes the responses of over 140,000 people in over 140 countries.

Its results for Bulgaria show that only 40% of respondents consider vaccines as safe. 15% are on the contrary opinion and 35% consider them neither safe nor dangerous. 10% of the people haven’t formed their opinion yet. 

57% of Bulgarian respondents agree with the opinion that vaccines are effective; 7% are against. 71% believe vaccines are important for children, and 7% do not. In Bulgaria, 96% of respondents said their children are vaccinated.

Overall, Bulgaria’s confidence in vaccines is lower than the average for Eastern Europe.

The World Health Organization lists vaccine hesitancy as one of the top 10 threats to global health.

On a global scale, 7% disagree with the opinion that vaccines are safe and 5% don’t think they are effective.

In Northern America, and Southern and Northern Europe, just over 70% of people agreed that vaccines were safe.

The figure was as low as 59% in Western Europe, and 50% in Eastern Europe.

Most people in lower-income areas agreed vaccines were safe. The highest number was in South Asia, where 95% of people agreed, followed by Eastern Africa, where the figure was 92%.

In Ukraine, which reported the highest number of measles cases in Europe last year (53,218 in total) – only 50% of people agreed vaccines were effective. This figure was 46% in Belarus, 49% in Moldova, and 62% in Russia.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccination is the best defence against deadly and debilitating infections, such as measles.


The European Commission Doesn’t Approve the National Energy and Climate Plan of Bulgaria

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Bulgaria needs to revise the plan for the development of Bulgarian power generation, raise the level of ambition for higher renewable energy sources targets, provide analyses of the effect of the Belene NPP project and diversify nuclear fuel supplies, the European Commission says in a letter.

The National Energy and Climate Plan of Bulgaria does not describe the investments for attaining the objectives set. There is no plan for gas diversification, low energy efficiency prices have been set down, for example that the renewable energy sector reach 25 percent of the national energy balance, though the EU commitment is 32 percent. There are no measures whatsoever for tackling energy poverty.

Brussels is making 10 specific recommendations which have to be fulfilled, by the end of 2019, for the national plan up to 2050 to be approved.

/via BNR