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Fiverr Launches New Architecture and Interior Design Categories

Monday, September 30th, 2019

New Fiverr Design Categories

Fiverr recently released some new products designed  to meet the needs of commercial and residential building and design.  As a result, freelancers in the architecture, interior design and landscape design space can pair up with clients looking for their services.

Yan Chelly, Head of Verticals at Fiverr, explains:

“For our community of freelancers in the architecture and design space, this provides them with additional exposure to a high-intent, professional customer base,” he writes. “We are also seeing an increase in demand from our customers. The industry store provides them an easy one-stop-shop to access the talent and services they need.”

New Fiverr Design Categories

 The Architecture & Building Design Industry Store also has a focus on tech. Chelly point to the latest software tools like building information modeling (BIM).

“Specific services include floor plans and 2D drawings, architecture 3D models and renderings, virtual staging, and landscape planning and design,” he says.

The Rise of Technology and Online Tools

Chelly also explained how the rise of technology and online tools have drastically transformed architecture and design. This means modern design projects need to be completed efficiently and quickly.

“Fiverr’s architecture and building design store will give specialists who understand how to use these new technologies the opportunity to work with a global audience of high intent, professional customers,” he says.

The new store will allow people with these skills to serve millions of others and get additional income. Businesses and agencies focusing on architecture, construction and real estate will be able to tap into this on-demand talent base.

How IT Works

Chelly explains how to use the new features.

“Interior designers, building designers and more can tap into talent on-demand for help with both large and small projects they’re working on — whether they need 3D or 2D renderings, AutoCAD drawings, virtual staging and more,” he writes.

They just need to go to the store on the Fiverr site and search for what they’re looking for.  There are thousands of qualified profiles to search through. Clients only need to find the one that matches up with their needs.

Why This Matters to Small Businesses

Architecture and Interior Design technology and services have found a new home online and become more accessible. That means that professionals like architects can work for smaller firms and even start their own SMBs

So, small businesses and freelancers can meet in the new global talent pool created.

“On the other hand, it also offers them a new way to work and make money should they choose to offer their skills and talent on the Fiverr marketplace,” Chelly says.

He sees this new focus as the wave of the future for Fiverr.

“We will continue to open industry-specific stores as we see increased demand for services on our platform,” he says. “The goal is to create a relevant, one-stop-shop for all of the services and ideas they may need to help their business grow and compete.”


This article, “Fiverr Launches New Architecture and Interior Design Categories” was first published on Small Business Trends


Free Influenza Vaccines For Over 120,000 People Over 65

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Free influenza vaccines for people over 65 will be available in the second half of October. This was announced by the state health inspector Dr. Angel Kunchev in the studio of BNT’s Morning Block. Four strains of the virus will attack us this winter. Our country is one of the last places in Europe in the number of vaccines purchased.

For the first time, seniors over 65 can be vaccinated for the flu without paying, according to a health ministry program.

,,If they are free, I will put it because we are pensioners with a reduced budget.”

This fall, vaccines are available for 120,000 people or 10% of retirees. If the number of those who wish is higher, immunizations will be at the discretion of the GP. Vaccinations were expected to start as early as early October, but due to a problem with the vendor company, this would be a little late.

Dr. Angel Kunchev – Chief State Health Inspector: For purely technical reasons, with deliveries, it will start sometime in the second half of October, probably by the end of the month.

Dr. Angel Kunchev – Chief State Health Inspector: For the last few years, we have usually been faced with an epidemic in the second half of February, of course, there is no guarantee, it can be earlier or later.

Four strains of the virus are expected this winter – Brisbane, Kansas, Victoria and Yamagata. The vaccine helps to ease the disease and is especially recommended for adults and people with chronic conditions.


Elon Musk Has Unveiled the Latest Version of the Rocket He Wants to Reach Mars

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Billionaire Elon Musk has unveiled the latest version of a rocket aimed at reaching Mars. It envisages the first orbital test of the rocket to be in the next six months:

“We have a choice – what future do we want? Do we want a future where we rule the universe. Or we want to be forever bound to Earth. I choose the first one. I hope you agree with me. The critical breakthrough we need to become a space civilization is to make space travel accessible. “

 Musk’s mission to the moon coincides with NASA’s goal of sending people there by 2024. The administration of President Trump has also set out to work with US space companies to build a long-term presence on the moon’s surface before eventually colonizing Mars.


Greta Thunberg’s Swedish Metal with 3,000,000 Views in 5 Days (VIdeo)

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Swedish drummer John Mullusk turned the speech of young anti-climate activist Greta Thunberg to the UN into a metal piece.

His compatriot Greta Thunberg had an angry speech at the September 23rd Global Summit in New York.

In the 5 days since its release, the video has garnered nearly 3,100,000 views.

The Swedish band was impressed by the message of the eco-activist

Other musicians were also inspired, and a professional illusionist created a video that turned the same speech into a synth-sounding Gothic tune. And this clip garnered over 25,000 views a day.

Various videos with Tunberg’s original speech have garnered millions of views in the meantime.


Photos of Lighthouses Are Presented at the Photosynthesis Art Center

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Interview of Valery Nikolova with Vladimir Spasov about the show ‘Horizon till noon’.

The photographic series, which presents the magical marine lights along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast from Ahtopol to Shabla, can be seen at the capital’s Photosynthesis Art Center until 26 October. The author of the photos is Vladimir Spasov. The series, filmed in March, was inspired by two German architects, photographers Bernd and Hill Becher.

Headlights as magic symbols

“Water is a source of inspiration for me and it is my muse. That’s why lighthouses are magical symbols, objects, somewhat living things, ”said photographer Vladimir Spasov in Horizon by noon.

The idea is to display the lighthouses in a monumental way where architecture stands out.

There is a nostalgic moment in the lighthouse photography.

Lighthouses attract people, attract artists.

“30 lighthouses are currently on display. There is another one because the municipality of Kavarna cut off the lighthouse which is at the moment of the exhibition and put another one in its place. I have no explanation why this thing happened. There may be some reason. For me, the previous one had such a specific architecture, it looked like a flying saucer. At the moment, as the sailors told me when I was shooting it, it looks like a grain silo and it is plastic. I’m very unhappy so I haven’t shown it yet. “


Increase in Production Prices in Bulgaria in August

Monday, September 30th, 2019

In August, production prices in Bulgaria rise for the second consecutive month as their growth accelerates and on an annual basis, according to data from the National Statistical Institute, which is a prerequisite for a certain increase in inflationary pressure in the country.

The general producer price index in Bulgaria (PPI index) increased in August by 0.3% compared to July, when it increased by 1.3%. Higher prices were registered in the production and distribution of electricity – a jump of 2.2% and in the extractive industry – by 1.0%, while in the manufacturing industry a price decrease of 0.3% was reported.

On a year-on-year basis, the country’s overall producer price index rose by 3.5% in August after rising 3.0% in July, and after only a 0.9% increase in June (the slightest rise in the manufacturer since November 2016).

The prices in the production and distribution of electricity, heat and gas registered a more significant increase of 11.8% compared to a year earlier, while in the mining and quarrying industry they increased by 5.4% and the manufacturing industry by 1.0% .

The producer price index on the domestic market in Bulgaria in August alone increased by 0.7% on a monthly basis and by 4.5% on an annual basis (compared to August 2018).

On the other hand, the producer price index on the international market decreased by 0.3% on a monthly basis and increased by 2.0% compared to August 2018.

Earlier this month, the NSI released a report reporting monthly consumer inflation in August of 0.1% and an increase of 2.9 percent from a year earlier for the second consecutive month.

Today’s production price data is a prerequisite for some increase in consumer inflation in the coming months.


Russia Will Spend More Than $ 9.24 billion on Its Space Program

Monday, September 30th, 2019

On Monday, Russia presented a document showing the allocation of more than 600 billion rubles (about $ 92.4 billion) for the implementation of the Federal Space Program between 2020 and 2022.

According to the document, this year 251.7 billion rubles ($ 3.87 billion) can be spent on the program, in 2020 – 198.5 billion rubles ($ 3, 057 billion), for the year 2021. – 209.1 billion rubles ($ 3.22 billion) and 208.7 billion rubles (or $ 3.21 billion) in 2022.

The draft budget states that the allocation of funds needed to implement the federal target program for the GLONASS system in 2012-2020 will amount to 28.847 billion rubles (or $ 444.31 million) in the frame of next year. in Russian: GLOBAL Navigation Satellite System, internationally known as GLONASS) is a Russian satellite radio navigation system similar to US GPS and European Galileo.

At the same time, federal budget expenditures for national projects in 2020 increase by 10% compared to the current year, reaching 1.982 trillion rubles ($ 30.54 billion).


Greece Wants to Return 10,000 Migrants to Turkey by the End of 2020

Monday, September 30th, 2019

The Greek government announced today after an extraordinary meeting that it wants to send 10,000 migrants back to Turkey by the end of 2020, AFP reported.

The announcement comes a day after the deadly fire at a migrant camp on Lesbos.

1805 migrants have been returned to Turkey in the previous administration of far-left SYRIZA in the last four and a half years, the new Conservative government said.

At least two migrants died Sunday in the Lesbos Island fire at the overcrowded Camp Moria, which houses 13,000 people at a capacity of 3,000.

The fire broke out with clashes between disgruntled migrants and law enforcement. According to the refugees, the victims were reached because of the delay of firefighters.

Last week, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis  called on the EU to spend more money in support of Turkey’s efforts to stem the flow of migrants.

Mitsotakis said the 2016 deal, according to which the EU promised Ankara 6 billion euros against more efforts to deter migrants from moving from Turkey to the EU, is under “significant pressure”.


Zoran Zaev: A Quick Solution to the Open Issues with Bulgaria is Possible

Monday, September 30th, 2019

,,A quick solution to the open issues with Bulgaria is possible”, the Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia Zoran Zaev said today, quoted by MIA.

He said the two countries had signed a treaty in which they accepted the fact of their common history. Zaev added that part of this story is individual for both parties, and he hopes the commission will find a solution.

“The commission is made up of experts and is designed to define things. We would like to see decisive steps, steps based on facts and truth, and demand a decision. I believe that Bulgaria will also show willpower,” Zaev told reporters. 

The Prime Minister added that the now discussed chapter of history will be mastered after four periods of history have already been defined and the two sides have agreed to celebrate 6-7 personalities from those times together.

“We have shown with the friendship agreement that we want cooperation with Bulgaria, and we will continue this way and way. I believe that the chapter of history discussed now will be overcome. Our aim is to strengthen friendship and good neighborly cooperation. I expect a solution. Bulgaria is one of our biggest defenders in the EU and I believe he will show this with a decision to open negotiations with northern Macedonia, which has been a candidate for 15 years. There is no cause for concern. We have received the warning and the messages from Bulgaria. We we will have other meetings and emphasize that the ultimate goal is for both parties to be pleased with the decision”, Zaev stressed.


Saudi Aramco plans $75bn dividend in IPO push

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Measure is one of several from the company to increase its appeal to investors


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