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Maria Gabriel Will be Heard in the European Parliament at 7.30 pm Bulgarian Time

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel will be heard today by the European Parliament as a candidate for a second term. The hearing will last for three hours – from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm Bulgarian time.

Gabriel, who has been proposed to be responsible for youth and innovation, is expected to answer 25 questions from MEPs from parliamentary committees on culture and education, and on industry, research and energy. 

Gabriel promises, if elected, to work for the introduction of a European student booklet. It notes the need to remove the barriers for young Europeans to travel and study throughout the EU. My main goal is to get more young people to benefit from EU programs with equal participation, the candidate adds.

Gabriel adds that preserving Europe’s cultural heritage, including in digital form, will be one of its main goals. It announces real progress in cutting sports pre-regulation. The sports industry is an important employer and contributes to the economy, she reports.

The Bulgarian candidate supports the broad horizon for European scientists, whose discoveries depend on economic progress.

Gabriel states that achieving EU environmental goals also requires the efforts of the scientific community.

The assessment of today’s hearing will be determined as early as Tuesday night. If a Commissioner-designate is positively assessed by 2/3 of the leading MEPs in the examination committee, the hearing is closed. If further clarifications are required, MEPs may submit further written questions. If a candidate does not gather the necessary support, the decision will have to be taken by a simple majority vote of all MEPs in the relevant parliamentary committee.

A vote on the entire composition of the new EC is expected on 23 October.


The 13th Baroque Art Festival begins in Rome-Sofia

Monday, September 30th, 2019

The Baroque Art Festival is part of the Sofia Municipality’s cultural events calendar.

For the thirteenth time, it gives classical music lovers the opportunity to hear original instruments performed by European virtuosos, works of past epochs left in the treasure trove of European musical heritage.

A galaxy of Bulgarian and foreign singers and instrumentalists, well known from the first covers of the programs of European festivals for ancient music, will participate in the seven concert nights.

The annual festival will open on October 1st at 6:30 pm at the Regional Museum of History – Sofia.

The four Vivaldi’s concerts, known as “Seasons” and chamber works from the Italian Music Treasury, will sound ancient instruments in the hands of Bulgarian and international soloists.


Half a Billion Euros in Damage to Greece From the Bankruptcy of Thomas Cook

Monday, September 30th, 2019

About half a billion euros have been lost to Greek tourism by the bankruptcy of British tourism company Thomas Cook, Kathimerini reports, citing an interview with Greek Tourism Minister.

He announced new measures by the government to soften the effects on the industry, according to BGNES.

“If Thomas Cook’s collapse had not occurred, the year would have ended with revenues around EUR 500 million higher than in 2018, and with a significant increase in average spending (of tourists in the country)”, he said.

The minister said the main concern of the government was to support companies and employees in the sector affected by the bankruptcy of the British tour operator.

Among the support measures listed by the Greek Tourism minister is a special program of the Organization for Employment of Labor Supporting Jobs, delaying with 6 months the payment of VAT in proportion to the percentage of turnover of each company with the bankrupt company and supporting the affected companies through Greek Development Bank.


China Oil Corporation Announces New Oil and Gas Reserves

Monday, September 30th, 2019

China’s National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the largest producer and supplier in the sector, said it had explored new oil and gas reserves.

The company has discovered more than 1 billion tonnes of oil reserves in northwest China. The new proven oil reserves are 358 million tonnes, while the estimated oil reserves can reach 693 million tonnes.

A total of 640,000 tonnes of oil will be generated from the field this year, with annual production expected to reach 3 million in the near future, said Vice President of PetroChina Company Limited, a subsidiary of CNPC.

In Sichuan province, proven shale gas reserves amount to 740 billion cubic meters. The company plans to produce 7.7 billion cubic meters this year and expand production to 10 billion by the end of 2019.


Aging of the Nation and Migration – Leading Factors that Exacerbate the Country’s Demographic Crisis

Monday, September 30th, 2019

The aging of the nation, social inequalities and migration are among the leading factors that exacerbate the country’s demographic crisis. This is according to a study of scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. They predict that in 30 years every tenth Bulgarian in the country will be over 80 years old.

Bulgaria will not disappear, scientists from the Institute for Population and Human Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences assure. The worst estimate is that by 2040 the country’s population will be reduced to 5.8 million if the government does not take measures to overcome the crisis.

The survey considers changes in the values ??and attitudes of young generations towards professional realization, towards education and towards the population. They have increased demands on quality of life and child-rearing.


Google Has Created the Fastest Computer in the World

Monday, September 30th, 2019

This was announced by the company.

Google has created the first quantum computer capable of calculating and solving problems beyond the capabilities of today’s most powerful supercomputers. This was reported by the company, cited by BGNES.

From there, they also made a report that was uploaded briefly to NASA’s website. It states that their processor is capable of performing calculations within 3 minutes and 20 seconds, which took about 10,000 years on the most advanced classic Summit computer.

“This dramatic acceleration of all known classical algorithms enables the experimental realization of quantum superiority. As far as we know, this experiment marks the first calculation that can only be performed on a quantum processor, “the report said.

As stated, the system can perform only one high-tech calculation, but to use quantum machines to solve practical problems, many years are still needed. While prototypes on quantum computers can perform the same tasks as classic computers, only faster.

Unlike the basic binary elements of classical computers or bits that represent either zeros or units, quantum bits or cubes can simultaneously represent both. Quantum computers can process huge amounts of information at one time, while traditional computers have to process it consecutively.

“This is a significant moment, for the first time, someone is showing that quantum calculations can go completely beyond classical calculations,” said Steve Brewerly, founder of quantum software at Riverlane and a UK government adviser on quantum technology.


President, Prime Minister and Ministers Discuss Bulgarian Position on Northern Macedonia (OVERVIEW)

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Bulgaria supports the European perspective of Northern Macedonia, but our country must immediately develop a new position in which to link support for European Union membership to resolving controversial issues between Sofia and Skopje related to our common history. This is the result of a presidential consultation meeting. At the initiative of Rumen Radev of “Dondukov” 2, he discussed the topic with Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, cabinet ministers and MPs.


At the summit, Bulgarian-Macedonian relations were discussed with a view to the work of the Joint Expert Committee, which discusses controversial topics related to our common history. The meeting is also weeks ahead of the expected invitation to Skopje to begin EU accession talks.

The participants of the meeting agreed that the government should develop a new position in which it would strongly protect the Bulgarian national interest and link the support for EU membership with resolving the controversial issues between Sofia and Skopje. They also insist that EU membership talks with Northern Macedonia and Albania must go together.

Boyko Borissov – Prime Minister: Let’s not continue this fratricidal war on the part of Skopje’s propaganda, because we have no closer people. If we stopped them for accessing the European Union, it would then be recorded in the history that after all 27 countries supported them, Bulgaria was on their way. It is extremely important for them to be accepted into the European Union, however, it is crucial for them to understand that it depends on them.

Ekaterina Zaharieva - Deputy Prime Minister: Bulgaria has always supported the European perspective of the countries of the Western Balkans, including the Republic of Northern Macedonia, but this support has never been unconditional.

President Rumen Radev also spoke after the meeting. He reminded that the work of the Joint Expert Committee was stalling and had no result on controversial issues, and the behavior of some Macedonian politicians created uncertainty and distrust.

Rumen Radev – President: The participants in today’s meeting agreed in principle that immediate actions are needed to develop a national position with clear requirements and criteria to protect the Bulgarian national interest. These requirements and criteria should form part of the negotiating framework and make the conditions for admission of Northern Macedonia to the European Union mandatory. It is also important to outline the so-called red lines, which must ensure that the European integration of Northern Macedonia is not at the expense of the use of Bulgarian history, language and identity as a coin.

It also became clear that Bulgaria also agreed on a rotational basis to safeguard northern Macedonia’s airspace. According to President Radev, this shows the constructive and responsible role of our country in the region.

The Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, said that his country accepts the recommendations of Bulgaria and expressed confidence that it is possible to find a solution to the open issues with Bulgaria very quickly.


The Decline in Summer Tourism This Year is Below !%

Monday, September 30th, 2019

The decline in summer tourism this year is below the percent, said the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova. As for the consequences of the Thomas Cook bankruptcy, she said that about 2500 – 3000 clients of the company are still in our country, but in days they will be transported to their homeland. Minister Angelkova and the Princess of Jordan Dana Firas participated in a tourist forum dedicated to the Danube Cultural Cooperation.

Minister Angelkova said that so far there is no information about canceled reservations for holiday of foreigners in Bulgaria in the future, caused by the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook.

Nikolina Angelkova – Minister of Tourism: Our job at the moment is to focus as much as we could on the Thomas Cook reservations, to try to redirect it to the other major tour operators and increase it.

Minister Angelkova explained that the agency also helps hoteliers affected by the bankruptcy of the British tour operator to file a class action.

According to the ministry, despite the problems, the summer season is successful.

Nikolina Angelkova – Minister of Tourism: For the months from January to August we have over 6 800 000 foreign tourists and only 0.6% decrease.

Earlier today, Minister Angelkova and the Princess of Jordan Dana Firas opened an international forum aimed at developing cultural tourism.

9,200,000 tourists visited Bulgaria in the year, 5 million of which were only on the line of cultural and historical heritage.

Bulgaria and Jordan are set to launch a joint educational program on cultural heritage conservation.

Dana Firas, Princess of Jordan: A balance has to be struck between tourism and the preservation of cultural and historical heritage from a very young age. Through culture, identity can be built, it teaches us to preserve our values, it develops creativity, it teaches us respect for diversity.

The line ministries are yet to specify in what form the educational program will enter the schools.


There Will be no Change in the Price of Electricity and Steam Until the New Year

Monday, September 30th, 2019

The approved price for the fourth quarter is BGN 44.85 per MWh.

The new heating season will start without changes in the prices of steam, hot water and electricity. They remain unchanged, despite a 0.11% decrease in the price of natural gas for the fourth quarter of 2019, the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) reported.

The gas price approved by the Commission for the fourth quarter is BGN 44.85 per megawatt (excluding prices for access, transmission, excise duty and VAT).


45% of Email Marketers Struggle for Inbox Attention

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Email Marketing in 2019

The 2019 State of Email Marketing report reveals email is the most effective and widely used marketing channel available today. However, getting inbox attention still remains the biggest challenge for an email marketing campaign.

The report says 45% of its respondents find the competition for attention in the inbox a challenge. Considering 293.6 billion emails were sent daily in 2019 (Radicati Group), it is not surprising the inbox remains a considerable challenge. It also shows email is a proven marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

It is especially important for small businesses because of the cost associated with email marketing. But in order to make it more effective, it requires accurate and useful data. This is what Tom Sather, Sr. Director of Research at Validity, points out in the press release.

Sather says marketers with clean lists will reach the inbox and experience higher email open rates, revenue, and increasing email effectiveness. Adding, “As email marketing continues to evolve, marketers must use the right mix of tactics and technology like list validation, inbox monitoring, and certification to continually improve results.”

This year’s report is based on research among B2C, B2B, and nonprofit marketing organizations. The online survey was carried out from June 27 through July 19, 2019 with the goal of understanding which email tactics marketers are using, how well they are working, and what challenges prevent greater success with email.

Email Marketing in 2019

Marketers have some clear objectives when they use email. And in this year’s survey communicating with customers was on top with 75% of the respondents. Building brand awareness is second with 64%, and communicating with prospects is in third place with 63%.

Rounding the top five are generating revenue (56%), capturing data on subscribers (28%) and other objectives at 4%.

Overall, B2C organizations say revenue generation is their top objective, while B2B firms value communicating with customers the most.

When it comes to the effectiveness of email, 43% say it is holding steady, with 28% seeing a slight increase and 9% a significant increase. But not everyone had a positive experience as 15% saw a slight decline, and for 5% the decline was significant.

How Can You Get More Opens?

According to the report, it requires the right email marketing tactics. Some of these tactics include email deliverability optimization, A/B testing, and reactivation campaigns. By using these methods, marketers are able to achieve higher open rates.

Even better, email personalization (72%), list management (63%), and subject line optimization (52%) deliver above-average open rates. The report shows marketers are using multiple strategies to achieve higher open rates. Compared to last year, marketers increased their use of email deliverability optimization (51%), A/B testing (50%), and reactivation campaigns (36%).

Is Email Still a Strong Marketing Tool?

The study says, yes. The bottom line is email continues to deliver results, this was the case for 4 in 5 or 80% of the respondents. They say email marketing is holding steady or increasing.

The report encourages marketers to strive to achieve high levels of email marketing effectiveness. This is because the cost of email is relatively low compared to other channels. And with prices being so low, the potential return on email marketing is often high.

The strategy for effective email marketing is to ensure emails have the highest possible inbox placement rate. You can make this happen by creating subject lines and constructing messages to generate as many clicks (conversions) as possible.

The final recommendation to help marketers execute this strategy is to set bold objectives, use the right tactics, maintain your list, optimize your subject lines, leverage technology, and know your subscribers.

You can download the 2019 State of Email Marketing Report here.


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