Congestion on major streets and boulevards and a delay in public transport throughout Sofia are expected. The reason is the incoming delegations of the leaders of the Western Balkan countries, NOVA said.

Because of the presidency closed for traffic will be streets and boulevards in the center of Sofia and Lozenets district and in the area of Marinella Hotel, where the delegations will be staying.

Parking will be limited to the National Museum of History, Hilton Hotel, and Balkan Hotel.

Throughout the day the traffic of cars on Vitosha Blvd between Patriarh Evtimii Blvd. and Pencho Slaveykov Blvd will be completely stopped.

The traffic will also be complicated because of the protest of the drivers. Around 100 trucks, 70 buses will be located along Sofia’s streets. They will be parked in the right lanes of ”Tsarigradsko” Blvd from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm in a protest against more serious measures from Brussels.

The Metropolitan Municipality urged residents of the city not to use their private cars for transportation, instead of that to choose public transport. It will be delayed, but the Urban Mobility Center has a plan to catch up with a schedule, assured the municipality