In the past 24 hours, Bulgarian authorities have prevented the entrance of 215 illegal migrants into the country, the interior ministry informed on Tuesday.

Police officers patrolling along the border with Turkey prevented the entrance of 155 illegal immigrants.

Another 62 migrants attempted to cross the border from Greece into Bulgaria in the area of the border police department in Novo selo, but were detected with thermographic devices. After noticing the Bulgarian patrols, they stepped back.

On Tuesday morning, MER truck loaded with tractors, driven by a sixty-year-old Turkish citizen, was stopped for inspection at the Lesovo checkpoint on the border with Turkey.

The border police officer on duty conducted an inspection with gas analyser which detected heightened levels of carbon dioxide in the freight compartment of the truck.

Ten illegal immigrants were found hiding among the tractors. None of them was in the possession of identity documents and they claimed to come from Syria. The driver and the migrants have been detained.

On Monday, another ten illegal immigrants were detained at Lesovo checkpoint after an inspection with gas analyser detected their presence in a freight vehicle bearing Romanian licence plates.