A young man kidnapped his mother, killed his father and attacked policemen in the Lozenets quarter of Sofia, NOVA reported.

The detainee is 26 years old. Yesterday, his mother managed to escape from their home, beaten and taken to the nearest police station. There she reported that her son had probably taken her husband as hostage.

When the police arrived, the young man locked himself in the dwelling. Negotiations with him lasted about three hours.

When he came out, he was armed with two knives and attacked the police force. On unconfirmed information, a law enforcement officer was injured.

After the police officers were able to get into the apartment, they found the father’s corpse. His body was found with cut wounds, death was registered by a medical team.

The young man is called Pencho Nenov. Near family members say he had problems with drugs and his parents tried to help him get healed.

According to unconfirmed data, Nenov is also registered at the Center for Mental Health. It will still be checked if he or she is being treated and prescribed prescription medication.

After the crime, Nenov was taken to the specialized center. Pre-trial proceedings have been initiated in this case.