Bulgarian border police have prevented 215 migrants from illegally crossing into the country from Greece and Turkey over the past 24 hours, the Ministry of the Interior announced in a statement on Tuesday.

Ten irregular migrants were detained at Lesovo crossing, on the border with Turkey, on Monday. The migrants, all carrying Afghan passports, were found in a Romanian-registered Renault truck. Police used a gas analyzer which showed elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the back of the truck where the migrants were hidden.

Another 10 irregular migrants were detained on Tuesday morning at Lesovo. The people were discovered with the help of a gas analyzer in the back of a truck carrying tractors and driven by a Turkish citizen.

The migrants, who carried no identity papers, claimed to be Syrian citizens.

Bulgarian border police using heat-seeking infrared cameras have prevented some 60 people from entering the country from Greece near Novo Selo checkpoint over the past 24 hours, according to the statement. The migrants returned to Greece after they saw Bulgarian border patrols approaching the site of the attempted illegal crossing.

Border police have also thwarted attempts of 155 migrants to illegally cross into Bulgaria from Turkey over the past 24 hours.