Bulgarian Climber Ivan Tomov died in the Himalayas, the organizer of the expedition announced.

On Thursday, the 35-year-old man from Rousse became the third Bulgarian to climb the eight-thousand-meter peak of Lhotse and the second to do it without additional oxygen.

Together with Russian Anastasia Runeva climbed the top, but they slowed down on the downhill and reached Camp 4 barely in the evening, writes summitsweb.com. The organizing company Chatwars Treks & Expeditions sent the Sherpa from Camp 3 to Camp 4 to meet the two. In the morning Tomov developed a brain edema. Despite the oxygen and dexamethasone, he died on a descent under camp 4.

Some days ago, hurricane winds destroyed Tomov’s tent and he had to continue with borrowed equipment.

Before joining the summit, on May 11, Ivan Tomov told the Bulgarian National Radio that he had not managed to cure his cough but would risk and try: “We are going up this night and within one week everything will end -  I was not able to overcome the cough, at times it is uncontrollable although dry. I hope it does not affect my strength and my walking but it is not excluded that the dry and cold air of over 7000 will escalate I have no idea what will happen, but I will risk and make an attempt. “

For the 34-year-old Ivan Tomov, who has lived for years in England, this was a third eight-thousand peak. In 2014 he climbed Broad Peak in Pakistan along with Boyan Petrov. In 2017 he also set foot on Manachu, and there are two 7,000 in his assets – Han Tengri in Kyrgyzstan and Lenin in Pamir. In 2015, he was a participant in the unfortunate expedition to Nanga Parbat when thugs representing Taliban shot 10 mountaineers.