We will raise revenues by 10 percent next year in all areas, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov announced at the 12th Summer University of MGERB.

“At this time next year there will be no place on Hemus highway that would not be under construction,” Borisov said. The money has already been set aside, he said.
“If I’m in the place of the Varna people, I will say that I will tolerate GERB until they make Hemus,” the Prime Minister joked.

He also commented on earlier information that Moody’s Investors Service has raised Bulgaria’s credit rating outlook from stable to positive. Borisov also recalled a report by the rating agency Fitch Ratings, which earlier raised the prospect of a long-term credit rating of the Bulgarian Development Bank.

“A few days ago, the credit rating of Bulgaria came from Fitch and Moody’s. Global credit agencies, which, after giving their opinions, are read by the whole world and oriented. You cannot tell them what to write. Nothing to do with the nonsense about debt, etc., “the PM said.

“The agency notes that Bulgaria is characterized by stable performance. But this stability does not seem to be taken into account by the media. But this is what the Fitch experts say – they expect the country to continue making surpluses. They write different idiots -” the country will owe it to the next young people generations, “Fitch’s tells us exactly the opposite,” Borisov noted.

“The banking sector remains stable. What was it about BSP and MRF management? What happened to KTB? Did they forget their pensions when they were $ 3-4 a month? In recent years, this is also in response to the President – Bulgaria is characterized by growing budget surpluses, a steady decrease in government debt. Well, this is already a “pro-GERB position” that cannot be forgiven and they must turn against them, “Borisov jokes.

For Belene, we succeeded not only with diplomacy but also with great effort. In this project, it makes sense if it is constructed correctly, the PM further commented.