Bulgarian Prosecutor-General Sotir Tsatsarov said Thursday he had asked the National Assembly to strip six MPs of their parliamentary immunity, said his press officem, reports Focus News Agency. 

The request aims to pave the way for criminal proceedings against Elena Yoncheva and Georgi Mihaylov from the main opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party; the leader of the populist opposition Volya party, Veselin Mareshki, and Krastina Taskova and Plamen Hristov from his party; Boris Karchev from the ruling GERB party. 

Elena Yoncheva is suspected of laundering money from the bankrupt Corporate Commercial Bank through an offshore company and her own TV company.

Georgi Mihaylov is accused of deliberate mismanagement. According to the prosecutors, during his tenure as director of the Haematology Hospital in Sofia from 2015 to 2017, he signed unprofitable contracts that resulted in a debt of BGN 24,359,808 for the hospital. 

Veselin Mareshki as co-owner of Pharmanet OOD and Krastina Taskova and Plamen Hristov as regional managers will be investigated for extortion and threatening pharmacy owners into buying medicinal products only from Pharmnet OOD at unfavourable prices. 

GERB MP Boris Karchev faces charges of large-scale tax evasion. As director of BBC Cable OOD he did not pay BGN 320,000 in VAT in 2015, filling in untrue information in his VAT return.