Bulgarian was convicted in Hungary of four years and eight months in prison for human trafficking in connection with the deaths of 71 migrants in the trunk of a truck in August 2015, Hungarian MIT agency reports.
Illegal migrants, including eight women and four children, suffocated in the truck and were found dead on a motorway in Austria near Parndorf.

The name of the 39-year-old Bulgarian is not reported, as is the practice of the Hungarian courts. Although not directly involved in the case in Parndorf, he was convicted of recruiting two of the main indictees in the case as human traffickers. So he has become an accomplice to organized trafficking of people, luring at least six traffickers, says MTI.
The verdict is final because neither the prosecutors nor the defendants have protested it.

Reuters reminds that last year the same court sentenced three Bulgarians and an Afghan to 25 years in prison for the same suit, but their sentences are not final because they are still expected to be appealed.

The migrants were among the hundreds of thousands of the massive migration wave from the Middle East, Asia and Africa across the Balkans to Western Europe in 2015, Reuters added.