Bulgaria’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Ensemble won the title in the World Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics in Sofia.

Simona Dyankova, Madlen Radukanova, Laura Traats, Stephanie Kiriakova and Erika Zafirova gathered a total of 49,350 after playing their two routines and retained the first place they had settled since the first race day. Yesterday they played their 5-ball combination.

Our wonderful gymnasts delighted the fans with their performance on the mixed composition of three hoops and two pairs of clubs playing on the soundtrack of the movie “The Biggest Showman”.

The students of Vesela Dimitrova made some mistakes, but they did not affect the achievement of a high score. The Bulgarians remained the ensembles of Italy and Japan.

On Sunday, the World Cup continues with the finals of the two matches, with Bulgaria fighting for the awards of both compositions.