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EU Urges Hungary to Ensure Migrant Holding Camps Comply With Asylum Rules

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Hungary must ensure that its new policy of detaining migrants on its border does not break EU rules on protecting people in need of asylum, the European Commission said on Tuesday as the legislation came into force, Reuters reported.

The European Commissioner in charge of migration issues said the government has agreed to work with EU experts regarding the legislation under which migrants will be held in camps while their asylum requests are processed.

”The European principles have been jointly and unanimously agreed by all member states and should therefore be respected and implemented by everyone too.”

The U.N. refugee agency UNHCR has said Hungary will be breaking international and EU law if it detains children. The law means anyone above the age of 14 will be held in shipping containers on the border.

Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday that the law would force all migrants “to go through an unfair fast track procedure while detained in a transit zone.”


ABV – Movement 21 Coalition Says Election Result "Disappointing"

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

ABV party leader Konstantin Prodanov called the election result of the ABV – Movement 21 coalition “disappointing” and falling “a long way short of the parties’ potential”. The coalition took 1.55 per cent of all votes, according to BNR.

Prodanov thanked the 55,000 voters who saw the centre-left coalition as something authentic and backed it in Sunday’s parliamentary elections. “They give us grounds to believe that we should go forward,” he told a news conference on Tuesday.

He said he had received quite a few alerts to vote rigging, especially during the vote count. Also, the coalition did not have enough time to reach out to people. The ABV National Council is expected to analyse the election result on Saturday.


366,800 Bulgarians Traveled Abroad in February

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

366,800 Bulgarians traveled abroad in February, which is 30.4 percent up on the same month of last year, according to National Statistical Institute data.

The growth rate is highest for the following destinations: Austria – 54.8 percent, Romania – 52.5 percent, France – 45.1 percent, Italy – 41.5 percent.

At the same time Bulgarians have been travelling less to the Russian Federation – a 6 percent drop, the UK – 4.6 percent, the US – 2.6 percent etc. 


Russia’s FM: After Bulgaria’s Elections, No One Is Talking About Russian Interference

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

The topic of Russia’s interference in the elections of European countries is absurd, stated to TASS the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Alexey Meshkov.

Meshkov commented on the presumed participation of Moscow in the election process of several EU member-states as follows:

“The topic of Russian interference in elections in European countries is constantly present and it is becoming tiresome. If our colleagues think that Russia has interfered and has achieved concrete results, then we can state that all elections, regardless of how they end in any European country, are a result of Russian interference,” said Meshkov.

But in case of the defeat of the party which is for cooperation with Russia, no one is talking of Russian interference.

“The situation after the elections in Holland and Bulgaria is blatantly obvious. Nobody is talking of Russian interference,” stressed Meshkov.



Balkan Turks Federation To Sue Bulgaria

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

The Edirne-based Balkan Turks Federation will sue Bulgaria for violating the right of outmigrants to vote in the elections for Bulgaria’s Parliament, reported BGNES.

The case will be reviewed by a Bulgarian court first and, if its decision is unsatisfactory, it will be referred to the European Court of Human Right in Strasbourg, stated the chairman of the organisation Nedim D?nmez.

The most influential outmigrant organisation Bal-G?? in Bursa expressed similar intentions on Monday.

D?nmez stressed that it was completely possible to receive a maximum of 95,000 votes from Turkey but the reason for the weak vote this time is the drastic reduction of the number of sections.

“A mere 30,000 people managed to vote in the 35 sections because of the last-minute decision that declarations be filled on the spot and in Cyrillic. We did not have the opportunity to challenge this decision because of the holidays and the voting process was a torture for people. If, in previous elections, 1,500 people voted in a single section, now, a mere 500 managed to do that. Too many of our people did not manage to get to the urns at all and turned back,” stated D?nmez.


Turkey Spying on Its Citizens in Germany

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

There has been another scandal between Germany and Turkey after it became clear that Ankara is spying on its citizens in the Federal Republic.

Under German laws, however, foreign spying which harms the interests of the German state is punishable. Respecting basic human freedom and the inviolability of all German and foreign citizens living peacefully in the country are among the interests of the state.

330 Turks living in Germany and 200 living in the EU, associations and schools of the Turkish diaspora are being spied on by Turkish intelligence. This became clear from a list presented personally by the Chief of the Turkish Intelligence Hakan Fidan to his German counterpart Bruno Kahl at the Munich Security Conference in February.

Fidan asked his German partners for help. The list contains names and addresses, e-mails, phone numbers and even photos.

Instead of offering cooperation, however, Bruno Kahl immediately notified the German government.

“They have to know that they take a risk of being repressed and even jailed if they travel to their country,” explained Kahl to journalists.

The accusation of the Turkish intelligence is that the people spied on have links to Gulen’s movement.

German intelligence, however, does not cooperate with foreign governments and regimes in pursuing their internal political aims but only if it is a matter of combating terrorism, explained Kahl.



Bulgaria’s SAC Revokes Fingerprint Identification for Hospital Patients

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Bulgaria’s Supreme Administrative Court has annulled finally the regulation for the admitting and discharge of patients from hospitals only after fingerprint identification.

The announcement will be published tomorrow after the personal data of the five members of the court is erased.


Austria Wants To Leave EU’s Migrant Quota Programme

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern will write a letter to the European Commission with an explanation as to why Vienna does not want to participate in the programme of the European Union for the distribution of migrants.

Austria has undertaken to accept from Greece and Italy nearly 2,000 migrants under the quota programme of the EU but this number has been exceeded due to the influx of illegal migrants, stated Kern after a meeting of the government.

“I believe that an exception has to be made for Austria because we have already fulfilled our commitments. We will discuss this issue with the EC and we will send them a letter as soon as possible,” stated the Austrian Chancellor.

In 2016, Austria’s migration service permitted the review of nearly 36,000 people who want to receive refugee status. The government set a limit of 37,500 applications. When the limit is exceeded, the borders close down and deportation under simplified procedures begins.



DOST Demands Cassation of Bulgaria’s Snap Elections

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

DOST want a cassation of the snap elections on the grounds that the constitutional rights of Bulgarians abroad have been violated.

The leader of DOST Lutvi Mestan insists that the Prosecutor General revoke the immunity of Valery Simeonov, Krasimir Karakachanov, as well as of BSP and GERB representatives.

According to Mestan, they acted in an organised criminal group which prevented the vote of Bulgarian citizens in Turkey.

“Because, if these activities had not been unlawful, DOST would have been represented in the 44th Parliament, therefore, this Parliament is not representative from the point of view of real attitudes in Bulgarian society. For us, any option for the forming of a government within the framework of the 44th Parliament with the participation of radical nationalist organisations, described by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in a special report as fascist, is categorically not acceptable.”



Slavi Trifonov: I Am Being Subjected to Censorship

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

TV show host Slavi Trifonov claims that he is being subjected to censorship due to the fact that his show on Monday evening was taken off air by bTV. Instead of last night’s edition, the TV channel aired an older edition of the show. Earlier on Monday, the showman circulated an open letter to politicians reminding them of the referendum organised by him last year. On Tuesday, Trifonov told live what the unaired edition contained.

“There was a reading of the letter by an editor, not by me. After that, immediately, came the national anthem sung by 15,000 people at Wembley arena. After that I say: ’Now, you will see the actors’ night.’ This is the show. There is nothing else in it. The entire case is related to the reading of the letter.”

Slavi Trifonov said that, this afternoon, there will be a shooting of a new edition of the show targeted at freedom of speech.

bTV claim that the show host made an attempt to use the channel for the purposes of his private political campaign.

“No matter how decent his cause is, bTV cannot and will not accept any deviation from its political neutrality. This is one of the cornerstones of our success as a leading media in Bulgaria,” announced bTV.