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Kornelia Ninova:’’We Are Worried About the Demographic Crisis and Poverty in Bulgaria’’

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

‘’During the meeting with President Rumen Radev we confirmed out stand that we are to remain an opposition at the 44th National Assembly due to the will of the Bulgarian people’’, the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Kornelia Ninova said after the consultations held with Bulgaria’s head of state Radev, BNR reported.

‘’We discussed the election programme and will be an alternative to the government programme of GERB and the United Patriots if they form a cabinet’’, Ninova added.

According to her words, the government program of those two parties points to a serious retreat of their election promises and engagements.

‘’We are worried about the demographic crisis and poverty in Bulgaria’’, Kornelia Ninova pointed out and added that President Radev had accepted her proposal to summon a Consultative Council on National Security to discuss those two topics.


Kornelia Ninova: ‘BSP Will Not Split Because of Georgi Gergov’s Resignation’

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

‘’The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will not split because of Georgi Gergov’s resignation’’, said the party leader Kornelia Ninova, according to Focus News Agency.

‘’The decision was taken at a National Council meeting after Gergov had tendered his resignation and BSP considers the matter closed’’, she added.

As to Denitsa Zlateva retaining the post of Deputy PM in the future cabinet, Ninova said that this was an issue of principle and BSP had made a political decision not to participate in a broad coalition with Boyko Borisov’s party – GERB.

That would also mean BSP single members not being part of such a coalition, especially considering Zlateva’s position in BSP’s leadership body.

Ninova also noted that  BSP would support Bulgarian rotating EU presidency in the National Assembly to ensure country’s successful preparation.


Two People Dead, One’s Life in Danger After Road Accidents in the Past Day

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Two people died and one’s life was in danger due to road accidents in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours, the press centre of the Ministry of Interior announced.

A total of 12 road accidents occurred in the country, in which 12 people were injured. In the capitol Sofia, a total of 174 minor and 3 serious road accidents occurred. In them, 3 people were injured.


President Expects to Hand Over Mandate on Thursday

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

President Rumen Radev unveiled in Sofia the 8th edition of the annual Webit, BNR reported.

Festival for technologies, innovations and investments. The event gathered representatives  of business, technologies, sciences and politics on the territory of the first science & technology park in Bulgaria.

After the unveiling Radev commented that the exact date for the mandate’s handing would be specified during today’s consultations with GERB, but that he personally expected the date to be Thursday, April 27.

The head of state assured that the new government could count on his support for any constructive proposals, ideas and programs.



Spain Arrests Moroccans Suspected of Links to Belgian Islamist Attacks

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Spanish police arrested eight people and raided 12 properties in Barcelona, in an operation against suspected Islamist militants carried out in conjunction with Belgian police, police said on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

Some of those arrested were suspected of links to the Belgian suicide bombings in March of last year, which killed 31 people at the Brussels airport and on a metro train, a police spokesman said.

The detained were all Moroccans aged between 21 and 39, he said.

The raids follow an eight-month investigation of a group of suspected Islamist militants with links to organized crime in the Barcelona area, the police said in a statement. The investigation remains open.

Not including Tuesday’s arrests, Spain has detained 22 people in 16 separate operations this year in connection with Islamist extremism, according to Interior Ministry figures.


Man’s Body Found in Front of Residential Building in Sofia, Regions is Closed Off

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

The body of a man was found in front of a residential building on Gurgulyat Str. in Sofia, announced the press centre of Sofia Directorate of the Interior, quoted by FOCUS News Agency.

The authorities were notified at a little before 7:00 Bulgarian time today, April 25.

The region is closed off, and investigation is being performed on site. During the pre-trial proceedings, the causes of the case are to be determined.


Consultations Start Between President Rumen Radev and BSP for Bulgaria

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

The consultations of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev with the parliamentary group of Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) for Bulgaria started, according to FOCUS News Agency.

The BSP for Bulgaria Chairperson Kornelia Ninova, and deputy chairs of the parliamentary group Anton Kutev, Zhelyo Boychev, Krum Zarkov, and Dragomir Stoynev, have already entered the presidential building on Dondukov Str. 2. From 15:00 Bulgarian time today, April 25, President Rumen Radev will also meet with the representatives of the largest parliamentary represented party GERB.

In accordance to the Constitution of Bulgaria, article 99, paragraph 1, the president holds consultations with the parliamentary represented political powers before handing a mandate to form a government to the selected PM candidate of the largest party.

On Monday, the head of state held consultations with the parliamentary groups of Volya, Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), and United Patriots.


Until 17:00h on April 27, Transit Through the Vitinya Tunnel on Hemus Motorway Is Stopped

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

From today until 17:00 Bulgarian time on April 27 (Thursday), the two-way transit through Vitinya tunnel to Sofia on Hemus motorway is stopped due to short-term repairs to improve the condition of the facility and increase traffic safety. This was announced by the press centre of the Road Infrastructure Agency.

The goal was for the activities to finish on Thursday, before the upcoming holidays around May 1.

There will be bypass routes for vehicles travelling to Varna and Sofia. Drivers are required to drive safely, and to comply strictly with the road signals and instructions.


President Rumen Radev: Bulgaria In No Way Seeking Problems With Turkey

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

”Let me state very clearly that Bulgaria does not seek in any way problems with Turkey”, commented Bulgarian President Rumen Radev for journalists, FOCUS News Agency reported.

“On the contrary, I said numerous times that the Bulgarian government does everything possible to develop good neighbouring relations with the Republic of Turkey. Good neighbouring relations are based on important principles, and those are equal treatment, non-interference in foreign affairs, and mutual respect. Let us use these principles as a base. Bulgaria is not a country which, in the face of Bulgarian state management, would give advice to Turkey on how and for whom to vote,” Radev commented.

According to him, the Bulgarian president would never allow himself to pass comments on lessons of democracy.

“This happened in the case in which the Turkish president allowed himself to make a comment regarding the condition of democracy and human rights in Bulgaria. Yes, we will stand for developing these relations in the spirit of good neighbour relations and cooperation, but we will not allow influence over our internal affairs. This must be explicitly clear,” the head of state also stressed.


3km Long Queue of Trucks Formed at the Exit of Kapitan Andreevo Checkpoint

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

A 3km long queue of cargo vehicles formed at the exit of Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint, while at Dunav Most – Vidin border checkpoint the queue was 2km, the press centre of Chief Directorate Border Police announced.

The information about traffic on Bulgarian border checkpoints is by 06:00 Bulgarian time.

On the Bulgarian-Serbian, Bulgarian-Macedonian, and Bulgarian-Greek borders, traffic was normal at all checkpoints. On the Bulgarian-Turkish and Bulgarian-Romanian borders, traffic was intense at the exit.