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86% of Bulgarians Do Not Know What the ‘Judicial Reform’ is

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

86% of Bulgarians say they do not know what the judicial reform is. Nearly half of them add that they are not interested. This shows a new national representative survey of the Median Agency conducted between July 12-18, 2017, among 1002 people at 125 points in the country, reported bTV.

The public debate on “judicial reform” is too dangerous, according to sociologists. The first reason is that the public is deeply unaware of what “judicial reform” is. Most do not have the idea of separation of powers, they just want a “strong hand”, a “People’s Court”.

It is curious that all magistrates who have improved their material well-being in the past 20 years are also think  to be guilty apriori. For example, the idea that the court should be subordinate and dependent on the executive power is shared by 65% of the respondents, the study concludes.

Every sixth even thinks that the court and the prosecution have to go under the power of the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

Foreign funding of parties and magistrates’ organizations is considered extremely negative – under 4 % approve it , 18 % think it is normal for magistrates to receive EU funds.

Although one-third of people do not know what to change, they want a fast, fair and impartial process; The fight against corruption and political dependence, as well as control, transparency and sanctions in the system.


Italians Robbed ATMs Masked like Trump

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

The Italian police arrested two brothers who robbed ATMs masked like the American president Donald Trump. They are suspects on dozen cases of robberies in the area of Torino. The two men blasted the machines with explosives. Reports Mediapool

As for camouflage they were inspired by two movies who depict criminals using masks of former American presidents and other thieves who constantly changed the color of their car as strategy to not get caught. 


Military Equipment from the Bulgarian and US Armed Forces to be Presented in Sofia

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

If you want to see American combat machines up close, go to the Military Academy “Georgi S. Rakovski” in Sofia, on Thursday July 27th. Between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. you may see an exhibition of military equipment, which is used both in Bulgaria and the U.S

Citizens and guests of the city will have the opportunity to view US Marines M 1126 Striker from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, as well as armored combat vehicles MSFV “COMANDO SELECT” from military formation 56 040 – Blagoevgrad.

The US forces, comprising up to 130 personnel and up to 90 wheeled vehicles, will travel through the territory of Bulgaria in the period 24-28 July 2017 to participate in a joint exercise in the Republic of Macedonia.

To ensure security during the movement, they will be escorted by representatives of the Military Police Service.


Polish President Signs Bill Giving Justice Minister Power to Hire Court Heads

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Polish President Andrzej Duda on Tuesday signed into law a bill giving the justice minister the power to hire and fire the heads of ordinary courts, one of three bills passed by parliament as part of the Law and Justice (PiS) party’s flagship judicial reform plan, Reuters reported.

On Monday Duda announced that he would veto the other two bills, which aimed to give the government powers to determine the make-up of the Supreme Court.

“The president has signed the July 12 bill,” the deputy head of the president’s office was quoted as saying on the presidential website.

The bill allows the justice minister to hire and fire the senior judges who head ordinary courts, a measure that the PiS says is needed to make the judiciary more accountable to the people and make a creaking system more efficient. Critics say it will compromise the independence of judges.

The conservative, eurosceptic PiS’s plans to reform the judiciary have brought tens of thousands of protesters onto the streets in cities across Poland, and raised concerns in the European Union and Washington. Opposition parties welcomed Duda’s veto of two of the bills but urged him also to block the third.


IOM: 120 018 Migrants and Refugees Arrived in Europe Since the Beginning of 2017

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

The number of refugees and migrants who arrived in Europe since the beginning of the year has reached 120 018 people, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said, quoted by BGNES.

On the way to the “Promised Land,” 2361 people died, said the spokeswoman of IOM  Jolie Milman at a briefing at the headquarters of the organization in Geneva.

migrants who entered Europe  this year are almost 85%, which makes over 93,000 people. Most of them are traveling to in Italy, the rest have reached Greece, Spain and Cyprus.

Last year, from 1 January to 23 July, Europe accepted over 250,000 emigrants, Milmont reminded.

3047 people found their dead during their travel.

According to IOM data from the beginning of the year, 3282 migrants and refugees have died in the world. Three quarters of these cases occur on the Mediterranean Sea.


Bulgarian Orthodox Church Honors St Anna

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

On July 25 the Orthodox Church commemorates the Dormition of Saint Anna, according to BGNES.

Saint Anna was a member of the Aaron family and mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

She is perceived as one of the main Christian symbols of maternity.

According to the folklore, women must not work or do chores on this they because when they become pregnant they might miscarry or have a difficult delivery.

The icon of Saint Anna is traditionally decorated with flowers, and people leave gifts near it.

People in Southwest Bulgaria believe that the feast of Saint Anna marks the end of the summer.



13-Years-Old Blind Girl from Bulgaria Conquers Musical Peaks

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

A blind pianist from Vratsa conquers musical peaks. Elitsa Stefanova is only 13 years old but has already won over 50 prestigious awards from Bulgarian and international competitions, according to bTV.

When she is small, Elitsa loses her eyesight. But then her love for playing the piano appears. She has been working with Olga Mladenova since the age of 5 and has already performed virtuoso works such as Mihail Glinka’s “Lipstick” for example.

“It’s like the play itself is some kind of light that loads me,” says Elitsa. 

Her piano teacher is so impressed by the girl’s talent that she shares how she sometimes looks at Elitsa’s hands and says, “It’s impossible, that can not be.”

The talented girl is  winner of two golden medals at the International Vienna Stars Competition, and has recently returned with a first prize from the Flamian International Fair for Young Talents from all over the world.


Heavy Traffic on Road E79 Due to Serious Chain Catastrophe

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

One man is dead, and a woman was injured in a heavy chain catastrophe on road E79 near Montana, reported bTV. 

The incident happened this morning shortly after 8:30 am near Sumar village.

In an attempt to make a left turn in the direction of Montana, a car is hit by a truck. Seconds after the initial crash in the two vehicles was hit another car.

Traffic in the area is limited and regulated by the Traffic Police.


Spotify and Warner Music Make a Deal by September

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Spotify’s music streaming company is close to negotiating a new license agreement with Warner Music Inc – the latest big bargain with copyright music they need before attempting to appear on stock markets in the US, sources familiar with situation, informed Reuters.

The estimated USD 13 billion Swedish company currently plans to direct listing on the New York stock market later this year or early 2018, sources from the agency said.

Both sides are positive that the deal could be signed in September, as important issues have already been negotiated, such as ensuring Spotify’s reporting losses of a more favorable revenue split, in exchange for some new albums to be available for paying subscribers.

The exact division of revenue and the volume of the potential guaranteed advance payment to the studio, the home of artists like Ed Sheeron, Bruno Mars and Kylie Minogue, have not yet been agreed.

“Negotiations are at a crossroads,” says one of the sources, not wanting to be named because the talks continue. “There are still a number of key issues that remain to be negotiated. If we deal with these issues, it can be a very fast deal, if not – the deal will remain stalled, “

Others believe that by the end of summer the deal could be concluded. “Given the way the negotiations are progressing, I would be surprised if we do not have a deal in September,” another source said.

The Swedish Spotify in less than a decade has become the most popular streaming music service in the world, but its financial sustainability depends on its ability to contract licensing music with less burdensome fees.

The main features of Spotify are free and supported by advertising, and subscribers receive unlimited listening opportunity and other premium services. The company faces growing competition from far larger internet players like Apple and Amazon who can afford to subsidize their raid in the music world by drawing on the money they generate in other areas.

The streaming company, which was recently estimated at $ 13 billion, insists on dividing revenue to 50 percent to 50 percent, but Warner Music wants at least 52 percent to remain for them, as in contracts with other companies, sources say.

Earlier this year, the Swedish company has licensed deals with Vivendi’s Universal Music Group and Sony Music. As of June, Spotify has 53 million subscribers paying, and as a whole, monthly active users reach 140 million – 40% of global service users. For comparison, Apple holds 19 percent or 28.2 million users by June, while Amazon accounts for 12 percent or 16 million subscribers, according to MIDiA.



French Police Arrested 150 Migrants at Cannes Station

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

French police have detained 156 illegal migrants at a station in Cannes, southeast France, the BFM-TV television channel reported.

According to local authorities, most of the migrants are from Sudan. They had a plan to go to Marseilles to apply for asylum. They also traveled with the famous French activist Cedric Eru, who was also detained.

In the middle of the month, Prime Minister Edward Philippe presented a government program to regulate the country’s migration crisis. Part of the program is the creation of an additional 7500 places to accommodate foreigners who expect to receive a response to their asylum applications while at the same time providing for stricter control of economic migrants.

According to Philippe, these emigrants who do not meet refugee status requirements and proven economic migrants will be promptly removed from the country. Reported by DARIK.