A new movement organization is being introduced in connection with rehabilitation with “Assen Yordanov” Blvd. from “Shipchenski Prohod” Blvd. to “Christopher Columbus” Blvd., announced Sofia Municipality.

From 14.07.2019 to 14.09.2019 it is forbidden to enter road vehicles on “Asen Yordanov” Blvd. in the section from “Kappadostvski” Str. To “Christopher Columbus” Blvd. The ban is valid for “Iskarsko shose” Street in the section from Ilia Beshkov Street to “Dimitar Peshev” Street, the municipality added.

From 14.07.2019 to 29.07.2019 it is forbidden to enter vehicles on the southern roadway on Iskarsko Shose Street in the section of “Hristofor Columbus” Blvd. to “Tushe Delivanov” Str. In this section, the traffic is made on the northern roadway across the same stretch, the message said.