SOFIA, BULGARIA – China’s Ambassador to Bulgaria Zhang Haizhou commented that the Belene Nuclear Power Plantproject should be implemented on a market-based basis and added that a multilateral co-operation is possible.

Bulgaria and China have reached consensus on the signing of the Intergovernmental agreement on the peaceful use of atomic energy, said the ambassador and the Belene NPP is only one of the possible projects in this area.

The construction of a global partner center in Sofia is one of the most important results in order to help the enterprises to invest. The Ambassador commented that Li Keqiang’s visit was the first one of his new mandate and, moreover, first Chinese prime minister to visit Bulgaria for the past 18 years. “The leaders of the two countries had intense meetings and events, a plenary meeting and achieved a broad consensus,” the ambassador added.

At present, the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is a potential investor in the second Bulgarian nuclear power plant.