Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova met with Mayor of Vienna Dr. Michael Ludwig. During the meeting, the two talked about topics in which the two cities collaborated. Sofia and Vienna have a very active partnership in the fields of culture, ecology, urban mobility and innovation.

Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig pointed out that the two capitals have common traditions and priorities that connect them and at the same time face similar problems. The mayors also discussed the challenges in the urban environment and transport related to the expansion of the population in both capitals. According to Michael Ludwig in recent years, Sofia is developing fast and is a very beautiful city.

Sofia will continue to use Vienna’s expertise in developing innovative urban projects and to encourage the start-up of IT companies by creating opportunities for financing projects and partnerships with other European capitals. The investment agencies of Sofia and Vienna have been working together for a year after a co-operation agreement has been signed.

Vienna’s expertise is particularly important in the field of air quality and the development of public transport. The mayors of Sofia and Vienna discussed the city scooter system used by Vienna. Sofia is also preparing a pilot introduction of such a system.

The two municipalities will continue to work together in the field of culture, supporting the realization of joint international exhibitions focusing on the cultural heritage. Yordanka Fandakova invited Dr. Michael Ludwig to visit Sofia again.