WHAT does it take for an American industrial champion to succeed in an age of globalisation and impatient investors? Some observers argue that it has become impossible. The world is just too nasty and unfair, they bleat. Perhaps they should take a look at Dow Chemical, a firm born in Michigan in 1897 that has hustled hard enough to be at the top of its industry 120 years later.

When Dow completes its planned $130bn merger with DuPont, a longtime rival, probably at the end of this year, it will become the largest chemical company in the world by sales. This new colossus will keep changing—in 2018-19 the plan is for it to split into three specialised firms. “New Dow” will focus on selling chemicals to the automotive, construction and packaging industries. The other two smaller companies will concentrate mainly on the agricultural and electronics industries.

This is a good moment, before the three-way split, to take stock. Being in the chemicals business is like swimming in a…Continue reading