Bulgaria has negotiated a new 140 million cubic meters of gas other than Russian supplies of blue fuel. This was announced by the Minister of Energy Temenujka Petkova at an extraordinary briefing.

“Diversification means security of supply and competitive prices, the government can boast of concrete actions, the construction of the Greece-Bulgaria interconnector has begun last week, and the project will provide a real opportunity for access to other sources of natural gas. “Bulgartransgaz” I am happy to announce that a tanker that will deliver gas from the US arrives late tonight, thanks to a contract with a Dutch company, which is at lower prices “said Temenujka Petkova, adding that this is a clear sign that the government is working towards diversification.

Quantities delivered are 90 million cubic meters for the second quarter and another 50 million cubic meters for the third quarter.

The supplier has made a formal letter to the Ministry of Energy with a clear statement on the gas market in Bulgaria and wants to participate in the gas supply of about 500 million cubic meters over the next 5 years.