Bulgaria is slowly catching up with the other countries, despite its good economic situation. This is the opinion of the European Commission and is part of the annual assessment of the economic and social situation in the countries of the Union.

The most serious problems or “excessive imbalances” are found in Cyprus, Greece and Italy. Bulgaria, together with 9 other member states, is in the “macroeconomic imbalances” group.

Our country has taken measures to strengthen the banking sector, reports the EC, but a number of these measures have to be put into practice.

Bulgaria does not adequately investigate potential financial crimes related to money laundering. No progress has been made in establishing the reasons for this, the report said.

The EC also emphasizes the risk of issuing Bulgarian citizenship documents.

Studies about the people who want to receive a European document in our country as well as about the origin of their funds are not enough, the text says.

The state of the labor market has improved, but serious social problems remain unresolved. Many Bulgarians continue to have difficulty in accessing health care, the EC said. Administrative reform is slowly developing, and the fight against corruption remains a major pledge.

In the spring, the specific EC proposals for each country are expected for the period 2019 – 2020.