There are no clearly defined deadlines and commitments for EU enlargement
EU leaders and the Western Balkans have adopted a declaration at the summit in Sofia on Thursday.

The document does not clearly set deadlines and commitments for the accession of more countries to the Community. However, clear support from the Member States to the candidates is requested.

“The EU welcomes the shared engagement of the Western Balkan partners to European values ??and principles. The EU supports their commitment to continue to strengthen good neighborly relations, regional stability and mutual co-operation, “the declaration says.

The text also states that “the EU is determined to strengthen its engagement at all levels to support the political, economic and social transformation of the region, including through increased aid.”

“The creation of close links and opportunities within the region and with the EU is essential for bringing our citizens and economies closer together, as well as for improving political stability, economic prosperity and cultural and social development. regional initiatives, we are committed to significantly increasing connectivity in all its dimensions: transport and energy, the digital and economic spheres, and between people, “the statement said.

Leaders are firm in saying that “energy security will be a priority, including through improved energy efficiency, better cross-border interconnections, diversification of sources and routes, and a balanced energy mix that better integrates renewable energy.”

“Special attention will be given to creating new opportunities for young people, while ensuring that this contributes to the socio-economic development of the Western Balkans,” the document says.

The annex to the declaration also lists other important points related to the fight against terrorism, the legal development of each country, and the internal reforms that need to be carried out.