A EUR 3 M project financed by the EU plans to restore the population of black vulture in Bulgaria.

The project entitled “Bright Future for Black Vulture in Bulgaria” will be implemented by NGOs from four countries, private bTV station informs.

The projects foresees the transport of 48 Eurasian black vultures from Spain to Bulgaria in the next seven years and their settlement in three areas of the country.

Bulgaria has been waiting more than a decade to receive the birds from the Spanish province of Extremadura which has the largest population of black vulture.

In order to improve the feeding of the birds, local stock-breeders from the areas of eastern Stara planina mountain, eastern Rhodope mountains and southwestern Bulgaria will be aided.

The NGOs hope to cooperate with the electricity distribution companies in making safe the electricity power lines which often cause the death of birds landing on them.

They will also seek the cooperation of foresters and hunters in preventing the birds falling victims to poachers.

Black vultures became extinct in Bulgaria nearly sixty years ago, with the birds no longer nesting in the country.