Specialised farmers’ markets selling organic products will be opened in five Bulgarian cities – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Veliko Tarnovo.

Only certified producers will be able sell their produce at these markets, private bTV station informs.

In order to be eligible to sell at the markets, producers will have to possess certificates for each of the exhibited products.

In order to meet European requirements, products should not be treated or contain pesticides, chemical fertilisers or GMOs.

Producers without documents proving that their products are organic will not be allowed to sell at the markets.

The certificates are issued by accredited European institutions.

The products should bear the European organic logo and below each label there should be a number of the certifying organisation.

If clients are in doubt, they could check whether a certain producer is registered in the official website of the Bulgarian association Bioproducts.

Specialised bodies will carry out checks at the new markets in order to ensure that producers are selling genuine organic products.

In the past years, 98 % of Bulgarian organic production was destined for exports, but nevertheless producers decided to sell large part of it in the country

There are more than 4000 producers of organic products in Bulgaria.