German police have detained the suspect for poisoning baby food. His name is not mentioned. According to a spokesman for the police, the man is from the Tubingen region and looks very much like the man from the photo of the alleged blackmailer, the BNR said, citing the local media.

The services have come to the suspect after multiple alerts of citizens. More than 650 alerts have been filed by German citizens in the police. According to the investigators, the man probably does not act alone. It is still unclear whether the man detained by the police in Constance is the wanted blackmailer. He has demanded a 10 million euro ransom from several retail chains. Otherwise, he threatened to leave 20 poisoned foods in various supermarkets. Today, the payout period expires.

He sent his threat in a letter to the police and several chains of German supermarkets as early as mid-September. In Friedrichshafen, southern Germany, baby food jars containing ethylene glycol, the main ingredient of the antifreeze, were found. Poisoning with this substance leads to an urgent condition that requires rapid medical intervention.