On Tuesday, the House of Commons started a debate on the draft bill allowing the British government to launch negotiations on leaving the EU, reported AFP, cited by BTA.

“This is not a draft bill on the issue whether Great Britain has to leave the EU or not, or on how this should be done. This is a matter of Parliament simply allowing the government to implement a decision which has already been taken, after which there will be no turning back,” stated at the beginning of the debates Brexit Minister David Davis.

“We asked the people of Britain whether they want to leave the EU and they decided they wish to do so. So, this law concerns a very simple question: Do we trust the people or not?” said Davis.

According to Davis, the British government has received a clear democratic mandate to take the country out of the EU after the referendum on June 23, 2016 when the British voted to leave the union.

The short document asks deputies “to authorise the PM to declare, in accordance with Art.50 of the EU Treaty, the intention of Great Britain to leave the EU”.

The text will be reviewed on Tuesday and Wednesday in plennary hall.

There will be further debated ending with a vote on February 6, 7 and 8.

PM Theresa May took on the commitment to initiate the procedure for leaving the EU before the end of March.