halvorson2Would you like to ask a question of George Halvorson, the CEO of Kaiser Permanente, about health care reform and technology?

Please join me this Wednesday, November 18, 2009, from 2:30 – 3:30 pm New York time.  I’ll be live-tweeting a webcast with him.

You have a special opportunity to submit questions to him.

To ask a question, please include it in a comment below.  Or if you prefer, tweet it to me @smallbiztrends.   I will make sure your questions get passed along to him.  I can’t guarantee he’ll have time to answer all questions, but I will definitely pass them along.

Here are some questions that have already been floated by members of the Small Business Trends community:

1) Does there really have to be so much paperwork involved with health care?  Will we ever get to a system like some countries where it is paperless and takes a doctor or hospital just a few clicks to submit a claim?

2) Will things get better under the health care proposals being floated in Congress right now, or will the proposals increase bureaucracy, paperwork and costs?

3) Technology sounds great — but how exactly will technology make a difference in health care to the average person?

4) How will technology in health care impact those small businesses in the health care industry?  What about those not in the health care industry?

5) Will technology make health care better?  Or just more impersonal?

I’m sure you can think of other great questions.  Here are the event details:

What: “How Technology Will Make the Biggest Impact on Health Care Reform” with George Halvorson, the CEO of Kaiser Permanente

When: November 18, 2009:   2:30 – 3:30 pm Eastern (New York) time

Where: Online at INPUT / OUTPUT

Registration: Not required

Hashtag for tweeting: #hpio

PS, Many thanks to HP which is bringing us this event, and whose sponsorship of this site makes it possible for the Small Business Trends community to have this opportunity to participate.

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How Technology Will Make the Biggest Impact on Health Care Reform