Commissioner Mariya Gabriel will be heard today by the European Parliament as a candidate for a second term. The hearing will last for three hours – from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm Bulgarian time.

Gabriel, who has been proposed to be responsible for youth and innovation, is expected to answer 25 questions from MEPs from parliamentary committees on culture and education, and on industry, research and energy. 

Gabriel promises, if elected, to work for the introduction of a European student booklet. It notes the need to remove the barriers for young Europeans to travel and study throughout the EU. My main goal is to get more young people to benefit from EU programs with equal participation, the candidate adds.

Gabriel adds that preserving Europe’s cultural heritage, including in digital form, will be one of its main goals. It announces real progress in cutting sports pre-regulation. The sports industry is an important employer and contributes to the economy, she reports.

The Bulgarian candidate supports the broad horizon for European scientists, whose discoveries depend on economic progress.

Gabriel states that achieving EU environmental goals also requires the efforts of the scientific community.

The assessment of today’s hearing will be determined as early as Tuesday night. If a Commissioner-designate is positively assessed by 2/3 of the leading MEPs in the examination committee, the hearing is closed. If further clarifications are required, MEPs may submit further written questions. If a candidate does not gather the necessary support, the decision will have to be taken by a simple majority vote of all MEPs in the relevant parliamentary committee.

A vote on the entire composition of the new EC is expected on 23 October.