More than 30 000 nurses are needed in our country. If in the European Union there are 740 nurses on average for every 100 000, this number is less than 490 in Bulgaria. The information is announced by BSP MP Prof. Georgi Mihaylov on the eve of the national protest of the nurses organized for tomorrow in the social networks.

It is clear that problems with staff shortages and low pay for health care professionals are deepening and can not be resolved simply with wishes for negotiation, say representatives of the Bulgarian Socialist Party.
“We are witnessing a spontaneous protest that tomorrow is organized by the nurses in Bulgaria and the figures are very serious behind this process. A doctor, according to the European Union standard, must meet between two to four nurses in in Bulgaria they are less than one sister, that is, the deficit of nurses in recognition of Minister Ananiev is over 30 000 and in the last 10 years. 10 000 nurses have left the territory of the country and more than 15 000 are have changed their profession or have retired, “said Prof. Mihaylov.

And he added: “We are in a state of very troubling staff deficit and the salaries received by our colleagues are very low, with a collective agreement between BGN 900 and 950, the real salary, the net salary of these specialists very often it does not reach BGN 700. These are problems that deepen the chaos in health care and can not be solved only with wishes for negotiations. “