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Several people have been injured in a blast said to have occurred at or near an army barracks in the Nigerian capital Abuja.

People were seen being carried away after the blast, which hit a beer garden, local journalists told the Associated Press.

A police spokesman told AFP the blast had occurred at the Sani Abacha barracks, and the cause was unknown.

But Nigerian media said the explosion had happened in a nearby market.

Nigeria has a recent history of bomb attacks in the capital and other cities:

On Thursday, two blasts disrupted a political rally in the southern city of Yenagoa, wounding several peopleBomb attacks in the northern city of Jos, a flash-point between Nigerian Christians and Muslims, left 38 people over ChristmasIn October, at least eight people were killed in explosions in Abuja as the country celebrated 50 years since independence from the UK

The barracks, named after Nigeria’s late military dictator, is located in Asokoro district, home to the presidential palace and said to be the city’s most secure area.

Officially renamed the Mogadishu Cantonment, the barracks is still known to many by its old name.

The nearby Mammy Market is said to be popular with politicians and civil servants, attracted by its roast fish eateries.

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