A 20-year-old man managed to stop a tram on Graf Ignatiev Street in Sofia after seeing that the vehicle was not driven by anyone and was moving by inertia, bTV reported.

As Manuel Georgiev waits for the tram # 12 stop, he notices that it is starting to move backward. He also sees that the driver is gone. Then he realizes that he must act quickly. So he runs and manages to jump inside.

“I tried one of the two pedals and pressed it completely. It turned out to be the brake and the tram stopped,” the young man told the television.

There were about a dozen people in the vehicle who were scared.

“I don’t feel like a hero. I did what I needed to do,” said Manuel Georgiev.

 The head of the Banishora tram depot Plamen Petrov said that the driver explained that she was sick. She assumed that her blood sugar was low and so went down to buy some food and drink.

 ”It is a human error. Our assumption is that the tram was not brought into all the driver’s parking and leaving systems. The vehicle was checked before leaving the depot and everything was fine,” Plamen Petrov explained.

In his words, the drivers often have to get out to eliminate the damage or change the tram arrows when needed.

There are well-established rules and requirements for how to leave the vehicle. However, there is no established rule for going out and buying food.