The hordes of cars waiting to fill up their tanks at Chirag Patel’s eight-pump gas station in Georgia alarmed me. Had something happened in the world and I missed it because my radio was turned off today?  I pulled in and at first I didn’t hear the music or smell the hot dogs because I was so fixated on the number of cars and the ones that were still coming.

It turns out that there was no worldwide crisis or local emergency to worry about. Chirag was having a sale, 50 cents off for four hours only. He was the  gas station’s new owner, and this was Customer Appreciation Day, which included balloons, hot dogs, pizza, soft drinks, a DJ and this deep, four-hours-only discount.

pumping gas

He’s a small business owner who put his heart into his marketing at least for one day.  The result, his gas station is now top of mind. Since that day I have stopped by several times to fill up my tank (at a place that I seldom paid attention to before). And, of course, I thought of you.

What can you do to make your business top of mind and to get on your future customers’ radar? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Do Something

If you’re in business, then marketing is a part of the equation. You have to do something to get your message, solution or service in front of people. There’s a ton of helpful information here at Small Business Trends.  Just choose one expert, one article, one idea and see it all the way through. Do something to market your business.

Be Consistent

If the event works, then do it again the next year. Consistency allows you to build momentum, and momentum is good for business.

Get Mileage

Tell the press about your event. For example, if your event is annual, pull your pictures from the prior year, write your press release and get it in front of a local journalists. It just might make the news.

I guess the question is: Will you do the work to get the attention that you want–and that your business needs?

From Small Business Trends

One Marketing Event Can Have Lasting Payoffs