Chess French firms pull the plug on palm oil

PARIS (Reuters) - French firms have stepped up restrictions on the use of palm oil, decried for being linked to deforestation in Asia, in a move that may boost demand for local oils but some warned it could raise new food and land problems. Source

Chess U.S. gives electric cars initial "0" emission rating

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The first 200,000 electric cars made by each automaker will be given a "zero" emissions rating under new U.S. fuel efficiency rules, after which the smokestack emissions of power plants will be included. Source

Chess Arab world needs to push harder for renewable energy

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (Reuters) - Arab states, likely to be among the hardest hit by climate change, are not doing enough to push renewable energy projects, environmental experts said at a two-day conference that ends on Thursday. Source

Chess Canadian retailers seeing profits in going green

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian retailers have gone to great lengths recently to tout their environmental and social policies, motivated by the economic benefits as much as by altruism. Source

Chess EU capped carbon emissions drop sharply in 2009

LONDON (Reuters) - A sharp fall in carbon emissions last year across the European Union's emissions trading scheme underlined on Thursday the impact of recession on industry. Source

Chess Hard Times for Chess

BY Dylan Loeb Mcclain The New York Times Early last week, Silvio Danailov, the manager of Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria, said in an interview that the M-Tel Masters would not be played this year because the main sponsor, after which the tournament is named, had pul

Chess EU Streamlines Schengen Visa System

From Monday, April 5, a new code comes into effect for short stay visas for the 22 European Union and three non-EU Schengen states in a bid to make getting an EU visa faster and streamline the legal issuing conditions. A short stay is defined as not more than 90 d

Chess Bulgaria Prosecutor under Fire over Ex Defense Minister Arrest

A deputy Sofia city prosecutor, whose allegedly aggressive behavior during the arrest of Bulgaria's former defense minister has triggered a wave of criticism, will face the Supreme Judicial Council on Monday. Roman Vasilev is expected to be punished because of his

Chess How Macedonia Became Greek, Serbian and Bulgarian

By Risto Stefov American Chronicle War and the suffering in Macedonia did not end after the failed 1903 Ilinden Macedonian National Uprising.... Source

Chess Ingushetia Hit by Suicide Attack

A suicide attacker has killed at least two police officers in the Russian republic of Ingushetia, in the latest in a series of such bombings. Shortly after the first attack, a car bomb was detonated in the same place in the town of Karabulak, officials said. Fort

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