Chess Nato forces ‘did enter Pakistan’

Three Pakistani soldiers have been killed in an attack by Nato helicopters during a cross-border attack, Pakistani officials say. An unnamed Pakistani security official told the AFP news agency that the soldiers were killed in an "unprovoked attack" on a Pakista

Chess Bulgaria Interior Minister Denies Degrading Comment on Roma

Bulgaria's Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov has claimed the media had twisted his statement that the Bulgarian Roma community was "an incubator generating crime." "Do not overexpose something I did not mean," said Tsvetanov. ... Source

Chess AV referendum question ‘too hard’

The referendum will take place on 5 May next year. The proposed wording for the question in the referendum on changing the UK voting system needs to change, the Electoral Commission says. Some people - "particularly those with lower levels of education or literac

Chess Ecuador airport shut in protests

President Correa told protesters the government would press ahead with reforms About 150 members of the security forces in Ecuador have taken over the runway at the airport in the capital, Quito, forcing it to shut down. It comes as police and troops in the coun

Chess News hosts warn over BBC strike

Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman was one of 36 people to sign the letter News hosts including Jeremy Paxman and Huw Edwards have said they are worried about planned BBC strikes during the Conservative party conference. In a letter to the National Union of Journa

Chess Dutch veil ban in coalition deal

A ban on wearing the full Islamic veil in the Netherlands will be part of the government's programme under a pact to form a coalition, party leaders say. The Liberals and Christian Democrats have had to make concessions to anti-Islamist Geert Wilders to gain his

Chess Male infertility gene discovered

Many genes appear to control sperm production A faulty gene could help explain some cases of unexplained male infertility, according to research. Mutations of the NR5A1 gene were found in a small percentage of infertile men, reports the American Journal of Human

Chess Verdict divides India holy site

A court in India has said that a holy site in the city of Ayodhya should be split between Hindus and Muslims, lawyers for the Hindu petitioners say. The site has been the source of a bitter dispute with the Muslim community. Hindu extremists tore down a 16th Cen

Chess Footage shows hostages in Niger

The hostages were last seen heading for Niger's borders with Mali and Algeria Al-Jazeera has broadcast what it says are images of the seven workers at a uranium mine in Niger seized two weeks ago by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The images were from a recordin

Chess Mood swings

Face in the crowd: Labour activists feel Ed is one of their own "It feels a bit a flat, doesn't it?" It was remarkable how often you heard that sentiment around the fringe meetings and bars at Labour's annual conference in Manchester this week, normally followed

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