Chess Bulgaria’s Ex State Reserve Head Sentenced to 5 Years of Jail

Bulgaria's former Head of the State Reserve and War-Time Stock, Dimitar Dimitrov, was sentenced Wednesday to 5 years behind bars by the Sofia City Court. In addition, Dimitrov is banned from holding high-ranking State positions in the next 7 years. The Prosecutor

Chess EU Commissioner: Bulgaria Must Tread Budget Deficit Carefully

Bulgaria's EU Commissioner, Kristalina Geogieva, says she is relatively comfortable regarding statements of her colleague Olli Rehn about worries related to the country's budget deficit. On Tuesday, Rehn reiterated before the European Parliament the issues outline

Chess Bulgarian Tax Agents Keep Eye on Beach Resorts

Bulgaria's National Revenue Agency (NRA) opens Wednesday a permanent office at the airport in the Black Sea city of Burgas. The goal is to monitor all companies providing travel and vacation services - tour operators, travel agencies, carriers, and hotel owners, t

Chess Bulgarian Police Carry out ‘Phone Operators’ Special Ops

The Bulgarian Interior Ministry carried out Wednesday their latest special operation, codenamed "The Phone Operators." The operation took place in the wee hours in the regions of Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo. ... Source

Chess Bulgaria Suspends Contract with Fitch Ratings

Bulgaria's Council of Ministers gives Wednesday the go ahead to Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov, to annul the contract with Fitch Ratings Ltd. The agreement dates from 2004 and was renewed in 2007. It expired on December 31, 2009....

Chess Bulgarian Tobacco Growers Begin Mass Protests

Tobacco growers from the Bulgarian regions of Silistra, Plovdiv and Blagoevgrad begin Wednesday long-term mass protests over unpaid subsidies in the amount of BGN 116 M. The above amount was promised by the cabinet of the Citizens for European Development of Bulga

Chess Bulgarian Expedition Travels to Iran in Search of Roots

A Bulgaria expedition, the fist of a kind, has left for Iran to search for proof for the Iranian origin of Bulgarians. The 20 explorers from the "Bulgaria Our Ancient Homeland" expedition will travel 9 000 km and left in the wake of the news that Bulgarians are on

Chess Small Business News: Blogging For Business

Blogs aren’t just for personal journaling anymore. In fact, they may arguably be the most powerful marketing tool on the planet. Few marketing efforts will generate more leads at a lower cost. Of course, blogging is also a craft, so don’t expect miracle

Chess Obama vows BP will pay for spill

President Barack Obama issued an urgent call for the US to lessen its reliance on oil and move towards cleaner energy, urging Congress to act to reduce the chances of a catastrophe like the Gulf of Mexico oil spill ever happening again

Chess Obama in national address on oil

US President Barack Obama addresses the nation outlining his government's next move to tackle the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.This article is from the BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation, The BBC is not responsible for the content of external interne

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