Chess Potash in third-party talks to see off BHP

The Canadian fertiliser group has entered talks with a number of other companies to help bolster its defence against BHP's hostile $39bn offer

Chess Bulgaria Needs Different Sources for Gas Price Drop

The price of natural gas might drop by 16% but only if Bulgaria managed to diversify its sources, according to the Balkan and Black Sea Oil and Gas Association. "However, for the next price period from October 1, 2010, the natural gas price should increase by 3%,

Chess Bulgaria Marks 1st Day against Totalitarianism

Bulgaria marked Monday for the first time ever the European Day commemorating the victims of the crimes of totalitarianism. The event was held in the park in front of the National Palace of Culture in downtown Sofia, where there is plaque for the victims of the co

Chess Bulgaria’s Top Male Tennis Star Breaks Own Record

Bulgaria's top male tennis player Grigor Dimitrov improved his own record, ranking 245th in the ATP ranking. Dimitrov has moved forward by 35 places since last week when he ranked 280th. This is thanks to the points he gained for his win at the tennis tournament i

Chess Irish Bank Set to Drop Bulgarian-American Credit Bank Stake

The Irish bank AIB is looking to sell its 49.9% stake in the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank (BACB) due to its depreciation, according to information by the Sunday Business Post. The Irish weekly quotes sources from AIB saying that it is seeking buyers for the stak

Chess Unemployment in Bulgaria Up 4% Q2 2010 Y/Y

The number of unemployed in Bulgaria, who are over the age of 15, during the second quarter of 2010 is 342 200 people with the unemployment rate reaching 10%. The data was published Monday by the National Statistics Institute (NSI). Compared with the second quart

Chess Nabucco to Get Gas through Georgia, Iraq

The Nabucco pipeline project has modified its gas supply concept to include two feeder pipelines leading to Turkey - one from Georgia and one from Iraq. This is seen as following Nabucco's commitment to a "multi-source approach" to guarantee stable and adequate de

Chess Accusation Pile up against Bulgarian GERB MP

A Bulgarian ophthalmologist, Prof. Pravoslava Guguchkova accuses the Member of the Parliament from the ruling GERB Party, Genoveva Aleksieva of draining funds from the Health Insurance Fund. In an interview for the Bulgarian daily "Trud" (Labor), Guguchkova says t

Chess Health Authorities: No Anthrax Case in Northern Bulgaria

Health authorities in Bulgaria have refuted earlier suspicions that two people taken ill over the weekend in the region of northern town of Razgrad suffer from anthrax. During last week, five sheep from the same herd in the Razgrad village of Brestovene died, whil

Chess Do Small Businesses Matter in High Tech?

Small businesses are much less important in technology-intensive industries than in the rest of the economy. They account for a slender portion of high tech sales. A recent report by the National Science Foundation (NSF) indicates that, in 2008, businesses with

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