Chess 10 Bulgarian Magistrates under Investigation

Around 10 Bulgarian magistrates are under investigation for unauthorized contacts by the Special Investigative Service (SRS), the Deputy Chief Prosecutor announced. "We listen to them, we watch them, we film them," Deputy Chief Prosecutor Valeri Parvanov said Tues

Chess 10 Alleged Russian Agents Arrested in USA

The United States have arrested 10 people for allegedly spying for Russia, one is still at large, the US Justice Department has announced. The group, named "Illegals" by the police, have been accused for entering the U.S.... Source

Chess 30% of Bulgarian Companies in Dire Condition – Poll

A large number of firms in Bulgaria's construction sector, transport, light industry, services and commerce are accumulating big losses. This is the conclusion of a poll of 580 businesses around the country conducted end May by the National Center for the Study of

Chess Mass Strike in Greece, No Trains to Bulgaria

Both private and state sector workers in Greece have launched a 24-hour national strike against the retirement system report proposed by the government. The strike led by the two major Greek syndicates GSEE and ADEDI is expected to blockage the country completely.

Chess Bulgarian Defense Minister Happy after Talks with Robert Gates

Bulgaria's Defense Minister Anyu Angelov has been welcomed by his US counterpart Robert Gates in Washington. Angelov has expressed his satisfaction with the results of the meeting, as cited by the Bulgarian National Radio. The topic of his talks with the American

Chess Small Business News: New Strategies For Tough Times

In tough economic times, the best solution for economic recovery continues to be the efforts and ideas of small business entrepreneurs who spend their effort and creativity to chart their own way. We hope this edition of the Small Business Trends small business new

Chess Brazil Destroy Chile to Face Netherlands in Quarter Final

Brazil will face the Netherlands in the quarter-finals of the 2010 South Africa World Cup after they crushed Chile 3:0 in the Group of 16, by a "traditional" difference of several goals. Juan in the 35th, Luis Fabiano in the 38th, and Robinho in the 59th scored th

Chess Special report:Is Tesla the future or the new Government Motors?

SAN FRANCISCO/DETROIT (Reuters) - Elon Musk, the chief executive and major investor behind Tesla Motors Inc, has sometimes taunted U.S. automakers, painting his fledgling company as everything Detroit would like to be if it could start over: cooler, greener and ens

Chess Bond investors ‘very negative’ on BP in US

BP has the most shorted bond among US investment grade corporate issuers, and, unusually, more of its bonds are being borrowed for shorting than its shares.

Chess Israel Recognizes 7th Bulgarian as ‘Righteous among Nations’ for 1943 Rescue of Jews

Israel's Yad Vashem, the "Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority", has recognized Bulgarian Vladimir Kurtev as "a Righteous Among the Nations" for his role in the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews from deportation to Nazi death camps in 1943. Kurtev's con

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