Chess Bulgarian Police Arrest Roma Man for Attempt to Sell Babies in Greece

The police from the Bulgarian town of Tvarditza have arrested a 28-year-old man over women trafficking to Greece. On July 21, the police was alarmed that the man is looking for pregnant women in order to take them to Greece and sell their babies there. The man do

Chess Jazz Legend Al Jarreau Critically Ill in Paris Hospital

Jazz legend Al Jarreau has been admitted in a "critical" condition to a French hospital after falling ill just before he was due to go on stage, health officials said. Jarreau, 70, who has won seven Grammy awards, was about to begin a festival concert late Thursda

Chess Bulgarian Girl Saves Kidnapped Father in Italy

A Bulgarian girl has saved her kidnapped father and has helped the Italian police arrest the kidnappers. The Italian daily "Il quotidiano della Calabria" has reported that a 32-year-old Moroccan and a 28-year-old Macedonian man have been arrested by the police in

Chess Greece Envoy to Bulgaria: Oil Pipeline Good for Market, Safe for Nature

Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline project will secure supplies to major energy markets and set an example of responsible attitude to nature, believes the Greek envoy to Bulgaria. "The technologies, which are currently used for the building of pipelines, can give

Chess Gulf storm Bonnie puts BP spill efforts on hold

HOUSTON/LONDON (Reuters) - Tropical Storm Bonnie threatened efforts on Friday to plug BP's Gulf of Mexico oil leak for good, with vessels and rigs involved in the operation set to move out of the system's path. Source

Chess Beijing fund warns on Kyoto CO2 offset rule changes

LONDON (Reuters) - A Chinese government fund has told a U.N. panel it supports project developers which earn carbon offsets under a lucrative Kyoto Protocol scheme, and which rejects the idea that they are over-compensated. Source

Chess Japan seeks consumer burden to push renewable energy

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese consumers will have to pay higher electricity bills under a government plan to help triple the generating capacity of renewable energy in the next decade and cut CO2 emissions. Source

Chess WTO seeks more cooperation in natural resource trade

GENEVA (Reuters) - The World Trade Organization called on Friday for countries to work together more closely in trade in natural resources -- an area often seen as exempt from many international commerce rules. Source

Chess Bulgaria’s Health Minister: No Shutdown of Hospitals

The Bulgarian Health Minister Anna-Maria Borisova has reiterated that there will not be a shutdown of hospitals. "We will not shutdown anything. As I have already said, there will only be an optimization of our structures so that they work better.... Source

Chess Labor Minister: Retirement in Bulgaria to Increase Smoothly

The Bulgarian Labor Minister Totyu Mladenov has announced that the years of service for retirement will increase smoothly instead of 3 years at once from July 1, 2011. The decision has been made after the trade union "Podkrepa" and the Confederation of Independent

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