Chess Areas of Russia’s Wildfires Decrease

The Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations has announced that for the past 24 hours, the area of the wildfires was two times less, the Russian ITAR-TASS has reported. According to the news agency, there were more put off fires than newly started ones for the pa

Chess Gazprom: Final Say for South Stream Route is Ours

Gazprom will have the final say for the South Stream route, despite Bulgaria's and Serbia's wishes, the press service of the Russian concern has told the Serbian daily "Blic". Gazprom's statement came as a comment on the result of the meeting between the Bulgarian

Chess Bulgarian Police Launch ‘Gunsmiths’ Special Op

Three people have been arrested during a special police operation called "The Gunsmiths", Bulgaria's Interior Minister has announced. The new operation is not connected to the special police operation "the Killers" and it targets people involved in illegal arms tr

Chess Second Earthquake Shakes South Pacific’s Vanuatu

A second strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6 has hit the Vanuatu archipelago in the South Pacific. On Wednesday, the earthquake hit at 75 km west-northwest of Vanuatu's capital Port Vila with a depth of 41 km, the CNN has reported. There has been no warning f

Chess Smog Begins to Leave Moscow

The air in Moscow on Wednesday morning is clean and there is no smog, the Russian RIA Novosti has reported. According to the news agency, the smog eased on Monday evening and continued to ease on Tuesday. Caused by the devastating wildfires, the smog is finally l

Chess Israeli President to Discuss Cooperation with Bulgaria’s Energy Minister

The President of Israel Shimon Peres will discuss bilateral cooperation between his country and Bulgaria in technology, industry and tourism fields with Bulgaria's PM and Energy Minister. Peres will pay a visit to Bulgaria Wednesday at the invitation of the Bulgar

Chess Small Business News: Marketing Mix

Like it or not, a successful small business means good marketing. Who wants the product or service you offer? How much do they want it and are they ready to buy? These are all important questions to answer, and marketing can help. Remember, it isn’t about cra

Chess BP spill suits to be heard in New Orleans

Judges' allocation of 77 cases to a jurisdiction near the 'geographic and psychological' heart of the disaster means BP faces the possibility of a more hostile jury and a bigger pay-out than in its own preferred venue of Texas, legal experts say

Chess Boys found at dead parents’ flat

Two young brothers were found in a flat with the bodies of a couple, believed to be their parents, police reveal.This article is from the BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation, The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Chess Niger River floods destroy homes

Some five thousand people in Niger lose their homes and crops after the River Niger bursts its banks, worsening the country's food crisis.This article is from the BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation, The BBC is not responsible for the content of e

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