Chess Endesa triples net profits to ?1.54bn

Asset sales and a group restructuring helped Endesa triple first-quarter net profits compared with last year, the Spanish subsidiary of Italy's Enel said

Chess UK Liberals, Conservatives ‘Close’ to Forming Government

The UK Liberal Democrats and Conservatives are in talks about forming the next government - with a senior Lib Dem calling the Tory offer the "only deal in town". Liberal leader Nick Clegg and Conservative leader David Cameron met again in private on Tuesday mornin

Chess Bulgaria President Demands Apology from PM Borisov

Bulgaria President Georgi Parvanov has slammed PM Boyko Borisov for wasting energy by concentrating on attacking him rather than the financial crisis. Parvanov, speaking in Lovech, said that "it is astonishing how much energy the Prime Minister wastes on fighting

Chess 6 Companies Bid for Designing 3rd Sofia Metro Line

Six firms have applied to be selected to plan the thrird line of the subway of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The tender includes researching the traffic and transport intensity as well as drafting a project for building a "Light Metro" line from the Knyazhevo Quart

Chess US Pop Sensation Katy Perry Tops Maxim Hot List

US pop star Katy Perry has topped the 'Hot 100' list of world famous men's magazine Maxim, leaving Avatar actress Zoe Saldana in her wake. Perry was lauded by Maxim's Chief Editor, Joe Levy, "she is a triple - no, quadruple - kind of hot. It's that feeling you get

Chess Record Visitors at Bulgaria’s Embassy Open House in DC

The Bulgarian Embassy in Washington DC is now part of the initiative EU Open House 2010, organized for the fourth time in a row in the US capital. The news was reported Tuesday by Bulgaria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Embassy held an open house event Monday

Chess Bulgaria Keeps Open Shanghai Display amidst Growing Scandal

The Bulgarian State will keep open the country's pavilion at the world Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China until its end in October, 2010. The news was reported by Economy and Energy Minister, Traicho Traikov, Tuesday during his visit to the second largest city of Plovdi

Chess Google, SBA Give SMBs Tools To Succeed Online

Last week there was a webinar to announce that Google and the US Small Business Administration would be working together to help small business owners learn how to succeed online. Well, now it’s just a few days later and we have a good glimpse about what they may

Chess A debate on burqas: Libert? vs fraternit?

France contemplates banning burqasHOW likely are French parliamentarians to approve the proposed “burqa ban”? Deputies get their first chance to debate the idea in parliament on Tuesday May 11th. As a first step, the National Assembly will examine a res

Chess Citigroup Set to Complete Bulgaria State Tobacco Firm Analysis

Bulgaria's Energy, Economy and Tourism Minister, Traicho Traikov, has revealed that the legal analysis and privatization evaluation of the state tobacco company Bulgartabac will be completed in the next 50 days. Traikov revealed that there had been a 2 month delay

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