Chess Win a MobilePro Portable Cell Phone Signal Booster

Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? Yes, you can!  With the Wilson Electronics MobilePro portable cell phone signal booster, you can now receive a signal in places where you would otherwise be unable to.  It’s easy to use and is portable for use in your

Chess Bulgaria Military Shrinks Weapon Deals over Money Shortage

Bulgaria's Defense Ministry intends to alter the scope of some its of weapon purchases because of a shortage of money, Defense Minister Angelov has announced. Anyu Angelov gave a news conference Tuesday to present his newly-appointed Deputy, Avgustina Tsvetkova. T

Chess Bulgaria Customs Head Exposed as Communist Security Agent

А special panel, investigating Bulgaria's communist-era police files, has exposed the Head of the Bulgarian Customs Agency, Vanio Tanov, as a State Security agent. Tanov had worked for the Communist State Security until 1982 under the alias Gergov. The check of

Chess World Bank Report: EU10 to Register Tangible Economic Growth in 2011

Bulgaria and Romania are the only EU10 countries where the foreign investments did not drop below 2% of the GDP, according to the EU10 Regular Economic Report of the World Bank. The Report, which has been released in Warsaw, Poland, says the EU's newest member cou

Chess Shadow cyber spy network revealed

A "complex cyber-espionage" network that compromised the UN and the Office of the Dalai Lama, is uncovered by researchers. Source

Chess Saville delayed until after poll

The Northern Ireland Office has said that the Bloody Sunday Inquiry report will not be handed over to parliament until after the general election. A spokesperson said that the decision had been taken because of the impending dissolution of parliament. Families of t

Chess Obama limits US nuclear arms’ use

Barack Obama is set to announce a new defence strategy that would reduce the circumstances in which the US would be prepared to use nuclear weapons.It would rule out a nuclear response to attacks on the US involving biological, chemical or conventional weapons. Nor

Chess Turkish Expats Storm Bulgaria Passport Offices

Thousand of emigrants have arrived from Turkey on a 4-day trip to Bulgaria's southern city of Kardzhali with the goal to renew their Bulgarian ID documents. Bulgaria begin accepting Tuesday express applications for ID cards and international passports. In order t

Chess Peabody raises bid for Macarthur

US coal group raises its cash offer for Macarthur Coal to A$3.6bn in a fresh attempt to derail an alternative deal that the Australian group has struck with Noble Group, the Hong Kong-based commodity supplier

Chess Bulgaria Opposition Involves Prosecutor in State Gazette ‘Blunder’

The Parliamentary group of the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is going to file a claim with Chief Prosecutor, Boris Velchev, over the so-called State Gazette blunder. The Socialists will further request a probe from the Parliamentary Anti-corruption Co

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