Chess Bulgaria??™s Topalov, Anand Locked at 4.5-4.5 Score

Bulgarian top chess player Veselin Topalov forced world champion Viswanathan Anand into a draw in the ninth game of the world chess championship. In what experts have described as the most interesting and longest game so far the two players missed out on a chance

Chess Huge containment chamber expected atop Gulf leak

VENICE, Louisiana (Reuters) - BP Plc engineers were expected to lower a massive metal containment chamber onto a ruptured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday in an effort to stem the widening slick. Source

Chess Tories likely to be largest party

David Cameron will fall 19 seats short of a Commons majority, according to a joint BBC/Sky/ITV exit poll.The Conservatives would have 307 MPs, up 97 on 2005, Labour would have 255, down 94, and the Lib Dems 59, down 3. Nationalists and others would have 29. That me

Chess Voters turned away in poll delay

Hundreds of people have been denied the chance to vote after being turned away from polling stations across England.Voters in London, Sheffield, Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham were left queuing outside polling stations after they closed at 2200 BST. There wer

Chess Significant gains for Welsh Tories

The polls have closed across Wales and the rest of the UK in probably the closest general election for decades.Counting is beginning in 40 Welsh seats, with all results due overnight. Labour, who have a notional 30 seats, will hope their support holds up, while Con

Chess Kim Jong-il ‘backs’ nuclear talks

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is committed to ending the North's nuclear programme, Chinese state media says.Mr Kim arrived in China on Monday, in a visit shrouded in secrecy. State news agency Xinhua said he had told Chinese President Hu Jintao he would work wit

Chess The full story: NI election night

LIVE TEXT COMMENTARY (all times BST) 0106 FOYLE ALERT: It's expected that the count in Derry will resume. The candidates have been brought into the building to inspect the seals on the padlocked doors and an announcement is expected soon. 0104 A reminder that the

Chess Voters turned away as polls close

Hundreds of voters have been turned away and police called to deal with queues as people struggled to vote before polls closed at 2200 BST.Turnout was predicted to be higher than recent elections, including 2005. Voters were left "fuming" when they were t

Chess Asia shares fall over Greece debt

Stock markets in Asia have fallen sharply on opening, amid investor fears that Greece's debt crisis could halt the global economic recovery.Japan's benchmark Nikkei index lost 437 points, or 4%, while Australia's S&P shed 132 points, or 2.8%. It comes a day aft

Chess Cameron: Labour has lost mandate

Conservative leader David Cameron has said it is clear Labour has lost its mandate to govern the country.Speaking after holding his Witney seat, he said his party was "ready to bring strong, stable, decisive leadership to our country". Mr Cameron held Wit

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