Chess Research Round Up: What it Tells Us About the Small Business Market

This has been an interesting month because the big story from the small business research world is that everybody wants to know how we’re doing. Different surveys from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), ADP, American Express OPEN and Sure

Chess Join me for a Webinar: Keep Customers Loyal With Coupons and Using Social Media to Spread

The cost of acquiring new customers is “typically three to six times that of retaining existing ones,” says Lawrence Friedman in his book The Channel Advantage.  According to Bain & Company, just a 5% increase in your customer retention rates will

Chess Small Business Contests You Don’t Want to Miss

This week’s list of contests is loaded with opportunity for small business to win valuable prizes,  services, and cash prizes. This list of competitions and awards for small businesses is brought to you every other week as a community service by Small Busin

Chess Making Business Plans Easy

Is there anything more frightening to a business owner than this question:  “Do you have a business plan?” Well, not having enough money to pay your bills, or getting threatened by legal actions are also frightening.  But since I’m reviewing “The One Page

Chess Small Business News: Playing Politics?

Politicians today are giving considerable lip service to helping small business and in a broader sense the economy to survive. But advocates of small business on the Web this week in the wake of a controversial healthcare vote and ongoing small business and stimulu

Chess Caught Napping On The Job

I used to know this guy who was really good - at sleeping at his desk.  Seriously, he was like some sort of cubicle sleeping Jedi. This guy had it all figured out. He’d angle his chair just so, cradle the phone in his shoulder, partially cover his face wit

Chess The iPad for Small Business – It’s Not Just a Toy

The iPad certainly looks like a lot of fun to have around the house. From games to books to basic web surfing, there’s no doubt the iPad would be a lot of fun in the living room, but how would it fare in the office? Though it may seem the iPad has been design

Chess Small Business News: Small Business International

We’ve talked a lot about small business going global. But in recent weeks it seems many bloggers we follow have been talking about the need to think internationally as well. What’s the difference? Well, the fact that blogs, social media and the Internet

Chess 5 Tactics to Improve Online Sales

There’s an old saying that nothing happens until someone sells something. It is still true for any business. Every month at the Sales Rescue Team, we provide free insights and ideas to small business owners about their websites. We’ve done reviews on all types

Chess 10 Reasons Your Competitor Has Double Your Blog Subscribers

It’s hard. You know how important a blog can be to your social media efforts so you’ve dedicated real time to building it out and making it the focal point of your social marketing strategy. You slave over it trying to make your blog a place that houses both us

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