Chess J?rg Haider’s museum: Chameleon at rest

Commemorating a populist with shades of truth and memory“OF COURSE I knew Mr Haider personally!” says Mr Berger, taking a break from his singing. He had been accompanying a melancholy Alpine choir at the opening of a museum commemorating Jorg Haider, an

Chess Fenger Academy: First day jitters

A troubled school before the cameras arrivedA FEW weeks after I visited Fenger Academy, on Chicago’s far south side, television cameras swarmed the school. The incident at Fenger was so alarming that the White House dispatched two cabinet secretaries to quell

Chess Kyrgyzstan: Tripolar disorder

The new Great Game, from the ground upKYRGYZSTAN is the only country that hosts both American and Russian military bases. Economically, it depends on remittances sent home by workers in Russia, and on its burgeoning trade with China. The country’s rulers are

Chess The Valdai club: Eastward bound

Our Europe editor joins an annual talk shop in RussiaTHE Valdai club, which brings around 50 journalists, academics and other experts to Russia, is now in its sixth year. Each year it takes the group to a remote part of the country. It would be hard to find anywher

Chess The Playwright Tavern: Bear bar

Lehman one year on, from the bottom of a glassTHE Playwright Tavern is across the street from the Barclays Capital building, on 49th St and 7th Avenue in Manhattan. Barclays’ building used to belong to Lehman Brothers; when Lehman filed for bankruptcy and Bar

Chess The Canadian Arctic: Slush fund

Canada's armed forces wave the flag up northEVERY summer Canada’s armed forces conduct military exercises in the Arctic, allowing them to test their abilities far from southern supply centres. This year they have chosen Iqaluit, the capital of the territory o

Chess Chilies in Britain: Capsaicinshire

A stiff upper lip conceals a burning tongueIT’S a rainy British summer’s day and I need my endorphins. Thus begins a family day out in deepest, muddiest Bedfordshire at Britain’s first pick-your-own chili farm. Despite the clouds, I am joined by a

Chess Chiapas: Smells just like a percolator

Your morning beverage from tree to cupI’M STARTING to think that Mexico has an image problem. Every time I plan a trip there concerned friends warn me against it. Earlier this summer it was swine flu, and before that it was the cartels. More recently, when I

Chess A town hall in Baltimore: Riot and reason

Storms, inside and outTHE afternoon air is heavy with the threat of rain. I’m pining for an air-conditioned room, but Jan Hedblom has ventured out wearing a thick sandwich board over her clothes. This is her first town hall, she tells me. Ben Cardin, Maryland

Chess China’s currency: A yuan-sided argument

Why China resists foreign demands to revalue its currencyPRESIDENT Barack Obama, on his first visit to China this week, urged the government to allow its currency to rise. President Hu Jintao politely chose to ignore him. In recent weeks Jean-Claude Trichet, the pr

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