Chess Not-so-wonderful Copenhagen

A forthcoming climate-change summit will not produce a binding deal on emissionsEXPECTATIONS for the Copenhagen climate conference, held next month in Denmark, have been steadily dwindling. On Sunday November 15th, as Barack Obama toured Asia, he and the Danish pri

Chess The Republicans: She’ll be back

Sarah Palin and the state of the Republican PartyEVER since Abraham Lincoln made a virtue of log cabins, crafting the right autobiography has been an essential task for anyone seeking high office in America. On Monday November 16th Sarah Palin, ex-governor of Alask

Chess America and China: Pleased to meet you

Barack Obama’s trip to China may encourage a warming of relationsMUTUAL suspicion and mutual attraction are powerful and competing forces in the relationship between China and America. President Barack Obama hopes his first visit to China, which began on Sund

Chess The coming days: The week ahead

Finding a president and a foreign-policy chief for Europe, at last• THE European Union at last holds a special summit on Thursday November 19th to select a president and foreign-policy supremo. The block’s first big decision resulting from the long-dela

Chess Italy’s justice system: Imposing limits

A bizarre attempt by Silvio Berlusconi's government to constrain Italy's courtsIF YOU live in Italy and are planning to commit a moderately severe crime—perhaps beating your children, or a white-collar offence such as cooking the books, or even stabbing your

Chess Space exploration: Any drop to drink?

There is water—or, at least ice—on the moonTHE moon is covered with seas, oceans and bays, the result of astronomers from past centuries whose imaginations out-ran the capabilities of their instruments, and who assumed that the Earth’s nearest nei

Chess This week’s top stories [13 November 2009]

Our top articles ranked by reader popularity.Protests in Iran: Green NovemberGeneral Motors keeps its European arm: Handbrake turnShootings at Fort Hood: After the horror at homeThe coming days: The week aheadHealth-care reform in America: Claiming a victoryThis we

Chess BA and Iberia: Uniting in the sky

BA and Iberia at last agree to get together to sort out their problems LIKE two drowning men Iberia and British Airways have long eyed each other as potential means of mutual buoyancy. The rate at which the airlines have been sinking at last forced them into each o

Chess Intel and AMD: Agreeing on a pay-off

Intel and AMD end their legal disputes, but regulators may not be placatedTHOSE who were looking forward to a big battle between Intel and trustbusters will be disappointed. On Thursday November 12th the world’s largest chipmaker and its archrival, AMD, annou

Chess Brown draws election battle lines

The government will promise a bill obliging it to halve its budget deficit within four years when it announces its planned new laws in the Queen's Speech.Ministers are also likely to pledge to prevent bankers who take "reckless" risks from getting bonuses

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