Chess A Free Hepatitis C Research Campaign Starts Tomorrow

A “Let’s find the missing 69,000" campaign which aims to detect hepatitis C infected patients starts. Free examinations will be provided within the framework of the initiative, which will start tomorrow and will continue until the end of August. The campaign ta

Chess The Arrested for the Cyber Attack Against the National Revenue Agency also Hacked the Ministry of Education and Science 2 Years ago

The 20-year-old computer specialist, arrested in connection with an unprecedented cyber attack against the National Revenue Agency, has previously attacked state institutions, bTV reports. According to them, in 2017, as a pupil, the detainee broke the protection o

Chess The Secrets of Running a Family Business Revealed

Many of you have a family business that you either inherited, that you bought, that you got pushed into, shoved into, or that you chose to be a part of. It’s important to talk about the route of entrepreneurship when you’re working with or for family.

Chess The National Assembly Will Discuss the Financing of Political Parties once again

According to BNR, the Bulgarian National Assembly is expected to include in its agenda President Radev's veto on amendments to the 2019 Budget Law which allows the financing of political parties by donations from legal entities and sole proprietors. According to

Chess 5 Interesting Food Festivals from Around the World has prepared a list of 5 culinary festivals that all culinary tourists would definitely like to visit. See who they are: 1. St. Anthony's Day in Lisbon - Portugal Every year in June, this Lisbon festival honors St. Anthony of Padua, its most revered Pa

Chess 6 Months Imprisonment for 7 Hooligans who Attacked Bulgarian FC "Levski" Supporters in Bratislava

Police in Slovakia imposed sentences on the Krakow and Ajax fans. The hooligans will be in prison for 6 months after attacking Levski supporters last Wednesday in Bratislava. Four Dutchmen and three Poles will go behind bars. Sentences are final, Bulgarian newspape

Chess Galina Georgieva Is the New Member of the CEM from the Quota of the Parliament

The deputies elected Galina Georgieva as a member of the CEM from the quota of the parliament. She was proposed for the post by the chairman of the parliamentary committee on culture and media and GERB MP Vezhdi Rashidov, and in the hall received the support of 97

Chess PM Borissov Is Delighted with the Hacker: He Is Unique, He Has to Work for the State

The detained for the National Revenue Agency attack man is a very educated and capable youth who wants to prove his skills and abilities to the public - that became clear from Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's comment at the beginning of the government meeting. Boriss

Chess The Government Has Granted BAS BGN 5 Million for Repairs

The government has allocated an additional BGN 5 mln to the Ministry of Education and Science budget for the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov announced at the beginning of the government meeting. The meeting was also attended by the chai

Chess PM Borissov: Bulgarian Exports to South Korea Increased by nearly 25% in the First Four Months of 2019

For the period January-May 2019, Bulgarian exports to the Republic of Korea registered an increase of nearly 25% compared to the same period last year and reached BGN 54.8 million. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Economy at an event organized by the Korea

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