Chess Russia’s FM: After Bulgaria’s Elections, No One Is Talking About Russian Interference

The topic of Russia’s interference in the elections of European countries is absurd, stated to TASS the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Alexey Meshkov. Meshkov commented on the presumed participation of Moscow in the election process of several

Chess Smoking rooms in airports are being stubbed out

IT IS about 15 years since Gulliver gave up the evil weed. Over time, many of the hardships of being a smoker have become mere embers in his memory. But a recollection was kindled after reading a recent report by Airports Council International, an industry group. I

Chess Balkan Turks Federation To Sue Bulgaria

The Edirne-based Balkan Turks Federation will sue Bulgaria for violating the right of outmigrants to vote in the elections for Bulgaria’s Parliament, reported BGNES. The case will be reviewed by a Bulgarian court first and, if its decision is unsatisfactory, it

Chess Bulgaria’s SAC Revokes Fingerprint Identification for Hospital Patients

Bulgaria’s Supreme Administrative Court has annulled finally the regulation for the admitting and discharge of patients from hospitals only after fingerprint identification. The announcement will be published tomorrow after the personal data of the five members

Chess Turkey Spying on Its Citizens in Germany

There has been another scandal between Germany and Turkey after it became clear that Ankara is spying on its citizens in the Federal Republic. Under German laws, however, foreign spying which harms the interests of the German state is punishable. Respecting basic

Chess How to Use Slack for Your Small Business Team – Free!

Slack is a messaging and collaboration system on steroids. The app brings all your team’s communications and files where they are instantly searchable. You can pretty much do everything in Slack — from keeping tabs on your business finances at a glance wh

Chess Austria Wants To Leave EU’s Migrant Quota Programme

Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern will write a letter to the European Commission with an explanation as to why Vienna does not want to participate in the programme of the European Union for the distribution of migrants. Austria has undertaken to accept from Greec

Chess DOST Demands Cassation of Bulgaria’s Snap Elections

DOST want a cassation of the snap elections on the grounds that the constitutional rights of Bulgarians abroad have been violated. The leader of DOST Lutvi Mestan insists that the Prosecutor General revoke the immunity of Valery Simeonov, Krasimir Karakachanov, as

Chess Slavi Trifonov: I Am Being Subjected to Censorship

TV show host Slavi Trifonov claims that he is being subjected to censorship due to the fact that his show on Monday evening was taken off air by bTV. Instead of last night’s edition, the TV channel aired an older edition of the show. Earlier on Monday, the showma

Chess Where Should Food Businesses Advertise for Biggest Impact? (Infographic)

Like every other small business, companies in the food sector want to lower costs. One way to do that is to be smart when spending advertising dollars. New research by Condiment Marketing, an Aurora, Colorado-based firm, provides detailed information on food market

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