Chess Possible 30% Rise in the Prices of Tickets for the Public Transport in Burgas

The municipal carrier in Burgas offers the prices of the tickets and the public transport cards to jump one third from the next month, reports bTV.  With the integrated urban transport project, Burgas has replaced all old buses with new ones. "BGN 35 000 per mont

Chess Public Discussions on Gas Extraction in the Dobrudzha Region

On October 16, public debates will be held on investment intentions for natural gas exploration and extraction in General Toshevo Municipality - Spasovo Field, Dobrich, reports novini.  The project is by the company "Rusgeokom BG" AD, which has been doing a gas

Chess Boyko Borisov: Europe is Under Pressure

"Europe is under pressure", is what Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said during a discussion "Together in Security, Bulgaria's Role in Common European Defense". He noted terrorist attacks and migratory waves, DARIK wrote. "We want to have peace in the Balkans and pea

Chess How Your Small Business Can Profit from the 2017 Holiday Calendar

Santa has an extra gift for brick-and-mortar retailers this year: There are four Saturdays in December before Christmas, which hasn’t happened since 2012. The extra Saturday has the potential to be a windfall for retailers, since it gives customers more time to

Chess North Korea Wants to Become Allies with Iran Against the United States

North Korea offers Iran "to fight together against the injustice of the United States," Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said.Earlier today, he sharply criticized US actions, including the nuclear deal with Tehran, reports sega.  Larijani expressed the vie

Chess The State will Allocate BGN 7-8 Million for School Psychologists

"We are planning the funding for school psychologists and pedagogical counselors for the next year to be between BGN 7 and 8 million," Education Minister Krasimir Valchev said, quoted by Focus. "We do not have psychologists in all schools. At present, about 110 ps

Chess Unemployment in Bulgaria has Dropped to 6.5%,

The official unemployment rate in September was 6.5%, shrinking by 0.2 percentage points on August, and on an annual basis the decrease was by 1.3 percentage points. This was reported by the Employment Agency. At the end of September, the number of registered unem

Chess Weekend Idea: Autumn Walk Around Shabla

Autumn is one of the most romantic seasons with its bright colors, enchanting the branches of the trees and the dark afternoons in which the sun is barely shining making the sunsets magical, all this inviting you for a walk in nature.   This is a great time to t

Chess Small Farmers Won’t Be Hurt by NAFTA Withdrawal, Commerce Secretary Assures

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross dismissed concerns that withdrawing from NAFTA, the trade treaty between Mexico and Canada that President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened, would cripple American agriculture businesses. The Impact of a NAFTA Withdrawal on Farm

Chess Putin’s Visit in Bulgaria will be Postponed for after March 2018

The planned visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Bulgaria will not take place in March 2018, despite the official occasion - celebrating the 140th anniversary of the Bulgarian Liberation. This is what the Minister of the preparation for the EU Presidency L

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