Chess The Ice Cover on Earth is Warming

As levels of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide rise and warm the globe, Antarctica's ice will become more vulnerable to cycles on an astronomical scale, particularly the tilt of our planet is as it spins around its axis. New research finds that over 30 million yea

Chess Bulgarians Honor St Anthony

The Bulgarian Orthodox Churchy honors Friday the memory of the Venerable Anthony the Great, on the holiday called Antonovden. Anthony was born in about 250 AD in Egypt. During his life he spent 20 years in complete solitude in the desert. Sick and suffering people

Chess Bulgarians Living For Years in UK Will Have No Problems Staying After Brexit

The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been preparing a large-scale information campaign to inform all Bulgarians how to act in connection with various possible scenarios of Brexit, reported the Bulgarian National Television.  The news has been announced b

Chess Tsipras Survives Confidence Vote

Greek lawmakers gave the thumbs-up to Alexis Taipras and his government on Wednesday night — but only just, Greek Reporter informs.The Prime Minster survived the late-night confidence vote by just one vote, 151 voted “yes” opposed to 148 who voted “no”.

Chess Bulgarian Activists Win Case to Save UNESCO-listed Forest in Pirin National Park

Environmentalists in Bulgaria scored a victory Wednesday in a long-running court battle to prevent enlargement of a ski resort in the Pirin mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site, reports AFP.  In a ruling that cannot be appealed, Bulgaria's supreme administrati

Chess Mayor of Sofia: 30 New Buses Launched along Routes 72 and 84

30 new buses will start running along routes 72 and 84, said Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, Focus News Agency reports."Pursuing our goal of developing Sofia as a green city, of improving the quality of ambient air, we have undertaken a massive programme over the

Chess Bulgarian Parliament Rejects BSP’s Proposals Against Double Standards in Food

The Parliament rejected BSP’s proposals against double standards in food, Focus News Agency reports. The draft was rejected by 95 votes in favour, 15 against and 89 abstentions and then again by 102 to 23 and 81 abstentions. BSP proposed a ban on the sale of im

Chess Bulgarian Border Police: Heavy Truck Traffic at Exit on Kapitan Andreevo

As of 6.00 am, there is considerable truck traffic on Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint, at exit from the country, Border Police said. On the other Bulgarian borders, there is normal traffic on all crossings. Source

Chess Flu Epidemic Declared in Pazardzhik

A flu epidemic has been declared in the Pazardzhik region, Governor Stefan Mirev said to reporters after a meeting of the committee monitoring the situation with influenza and acute respiratory diseases, Focus Radio reported. The governor reported a surge in the

Chess Mostly Sunshine with Variable Clouds in Bulgaria, Highs between 7° and 12°C

Today it will be mostly sunny with variable cloudiness. In Eastern Bulgaria, light to moderate wind from south-southwest. Maximum temperatures between 7°C and 12°C, in Sofia about 7°C. The atmospheric pressure, close to the monthly average, will remain nearly un

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