Chess Electric vehicles: watts up

Large-scale take-up will mean the need to switch on to an improved network

Chess Wizz Air Opens 28th Base in Varna

Wizz Air on July 21 celebrates the major milestone of opening its 28 base in Varna, Bulgaria, according to The Financial. The airline has based one of its new Airbus A320 aircraft at Varna Airport, starting six additional low-fare routes from its second Bulgarian

Chess Why Trading with Other Countries or Interstate is Good for Your Business

There has been a lot of turmoil particularly in Europe in recent years because of the banking crisis, and lately the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, which raises the question of whether doing international or interstate business is beneficial? Or,

Chess Influencer Marketing Secrets Revealed: Can it Boost Conversions?

Every marketer has their little tricks up their sleeves when it comes to promoting their brands. Usually they follow by the same general model, adapting the same practices to different projects, or to fit certain needs. There is nothing wrong with this method, but

Chess Could the Latest in Branding Be Not to Have One?

Before spending time and energy branding your next product or service, it may be time to think again. Brandless is a startup that works with manufacturers to eliminate the extra costs that are often associated with offering branded products. Instead, the company j

Chess Schlumberger boosted by North American shale revival

Chess The EC Lawsuit Against Bulgaria Ends with a Ban on New Constructions in Kaliakra

The EC lawsuit against Bulgaria ends with a ban on new construction in Kaliakra, the press service of the Ministry of Environment and Waters announced. The Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov has achieved the most favorable for our country arrangements wi

Chess Two People Died During Riots in Venezuela

Two people died yesterday during protests in Venezuela, while 9 are injured, reported Associated Press. The information comes from the chief prosecutor in the country. The 24 hour protest yesterday organized by the oppositional party in the country emptied the str

Chess Germany ‘to Ban All Arms Shipment to Turkey’

Germany has frozen all arms shipment to Turkey after Ankara arrested several human rights activists, including a German national, quoted by the PressTv. The Bild newspaper reported on Friday that Germany was “freezing all planned and ongoing arms deliveries to T

Chess The German President Signed a Law for Gay Marriages

The German president signed a law to legalize gay marriages which will be active from this autumn, reports Associated Press. The parliament accepted the law during the last meeting on the 30th June, before the parliamentary elections in September. This happened af

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