Chess Putin Appointed a New Ambassador in the US

The Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed the Deputy-minister of Foreign Affairs Anatoly Antonov as an ambassador in the United States, reported world agencies. Antonov takes the place of Sergey Kislyak who was accused by American media that he conspired wit

Chess 10 Copying and Printing Franchises to Conquer FedEx Office

The printing industry is thriving. According to the Commerce Department, commercial printing shipments in August 2015 exceeded $7 billion in market value. With the sector on the rise, entrepreneurs looking for a business to invest in may want to think carefully ab

Chess 26.5% Increase in Number of Trips Taken by Bulgarians YoY

In the second quarter of 2017, 1 149.8 thousand Bulgarian residents made tourist trips, according to the National Statistical Institute (NSI) The majority (83.6%) of them travelled only within the country, 13.5% - only abroad and 2.9% - both in the country and abr

Chess Barcelona Suspects Appear In Court

Four men accused of belonging to the cell behind the terror attacks in and around Barcelona last week are appearing at the high court in Madrid, reported BBC.  The judge questioning them is deciding what charges to press over the vehicle attacks that left 15 peop

Chess Sofia Municipality Started Operation For Demolition Of Illegal Roma Homes in Sofia’s Neighbourhood ‘Zaharna Fabrika’

The demolition of illegal Roma homes in one of Sofia’s Neighbourhoods ‘’Zaharna fabrika’’ has begun. More than 143 shacks and 6 houses will be pulled down. The operation started early this morning and is currently underway, there is a heavy police prese

Chess Iran in Talks to Unblock Twitter

Iran's new communications minister said Tuesday that negotiations were underway with Twitter to unblock the service, which has been banned for years despite being used even by the country's supreme leader, according to The Jakarta "(Twitter) has announced

Chess No Bulgarians Reported Injured in Italy Earthquake

In the wake of the 4.0 magnitude earthquake which hit the Italian island of Ischia, the Bulgarian Embassy in Rome has announced that, for the time being, no Bulgarian nationals have been reported injured in the region. The information was confirmed by the Bulgaria

Chess Ministry of Interior and the Directorate of “Automobile Administration”Check Vehicles for Adherence to Traffic Rules

Joint teams of the Ministry of Interior and the Directorate of “Automobile Administration” are conducting inspections on 22nd of August to check if vehicles and drivers adhere to the road traffic rules, according to the Bulgarian National Television. The check

Chess 9 Creative Ways You Can Encourage Impulse Buying in Your Retail Business

Are you ignoring a potentially profitable type of product in your retail store? I’m talking about impulse buying. More than three-fourths of Americans have made an impulse buy in the past three months; of those, more than half have spent over $100 on an impulse

Chess Over 800 Victims of Floods in India, Nepal and Bangladesh

More than 800 people have died in the floods and landslides in the monsoon season in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, Reuters reported. In Bangladesh, the victims are 115. More than 5.7 million people are affected. The floods covered more than a third of the densely p

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