Chess Ninova: BSP Got Best Result Since 2009

This is the best result we have gotten since the parliamentary elections in 2009, state BSP leader Korneliya Ninova. 2009 – 17%, 2013 – 26%, 2014 – 15%, 2016 – presidential elections – 25% and now 27.20% support. Thus, despite our loss, this is the best

Chess Bulgaria’s Gross Foreign Debt Decrease by EUR 200 M at Beginning of 2017

At the end of January 2017, the gross foreign debt of Bulgaria amounted to EUR 33,4475 B (70.7% of forecast GDP), registering a decrease of EUR 195 M (0.6%), compared to the end of the previous year when foreign debt amounted to EUR 34,6425 B (73.1% of GDP). On an

Chess Good News for Franchises? Joint Employment Regs Appear Doomed

Labor Secretary designee Alexander Acosta’s views on a controversial Obama-era joint employer regulation that business leaders have accused of stunting job creation came to light during his confirmation hearing recently. His use of the term “untraditional” i

Chess CEC Receiving Final Election Papers

The Central Election Commission is receiving the last protocols from section commissions. After all papers are received, the commission will carry out a second check. It is only after that that the mandates received by parties and coalitions will be announced. T

Chess The Brexit arguments work for Scotland too

THERE is an old chess short story about the grand master who ends up in a remote village. Short of money, he agrees to pay two locals; his meal will be free if he wins both matches. But there is a catch; in one game, he must play as white, in the other as black. As

Chess How to Deal With High Turnover at Your Store

Turnover is part of life in retailing. After all, this industry tends to attract young employees, part-time workers and others who may see retail as a stepping stone rather than a career path. Still, when turnover is higher than usual, it can leave you struggling.

Chess Heating, Hot Water Prices To Jump By Up to 37% in April

The 29.63% increase in gas prices in April will be discussed at an open meeting at the energy regulator. Electricity prices will also increase by 1%. It has already become clear that this will lead to an increase in the prices of heating and hot water of between

Chess Genel shares drop 20% after writedown on main oilfield

Group chaired by Tony Hayward admits Kurdistan asset contains less oil than expected

Chess 7 Tips for Telling Content Unicorns from Content Donkeys

Most of your content is DOA: Dead on Arrival (or maybe Donkey on Arrival). Individuals, businesses, and brands are producing a ridiculously enormous amount of content every minute. That means your content is getting lost in the noise. But wait. Every marketing exp

Chess Serbia’s PM: Bulgaria Is Scared By Serbia’s Progress

Serbian PM Aleksandar Vu?i? has stated that Bulgaria is “scared by the progress” of Serbia and this is the reason that it refused to give under concession Sofia Airport. “So far, 25 companies have filed documents for the concession of Belgrade Airport and t

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