Chess North Korea: Negotiations with the US Have Failed

North Korea says negotiations with the US in Stockholm have failed. According to the country's chief negotiator, Washington has presented "nothing to the negotiating table," AFP reports. The United States had "raised expectations by offering suggestions like a fle

Chess Funders Forum Will Teach U.S. Small Businesses about Financials

Small businesses in the finance industry are represented by advisers, insurance agents, planners, accountants and more. The first conference organized for the small business finance industry looks to inform entrepreneurs in this segment about current industry tren

Chess 10 Expert Tips to Help You Learn and Grow as a Business Owner

Running a small business requires entrepreneurs to learn constantly. You need to learn about your customers, learn new content strategies and even learn how to deal with your own experience as an entrepreneur. To get a feel for all these different lessons, check o

Chess 54% of Online Shoppers Get Subscription Boxes, Can Your Business Sell Them, Too?

The demand for subscription boxes is on the rise. For example, 54% of online shoppers subscribe to a subscription box service. Subscription Box Statistics The reason for the growing popularity among consumers seems obvious. Imagine ordering subscription boxes and

Chess BRC with an Information Campaign on Socially Significant Diseases

The Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) is launching an information campaign on socially significant diseases in cardiology and ophthalmology, said the BRC press office. The opening event will take place on 7 October and will be dedicated to age-related macular degenerati

Chess Bulgarian Atanas Skatov Successfully Climbed his 10th Eight-Thousander

On October 3, Bulgarian climber Atanas Skatov summited Dhaulagiri (8,176 m), which the 7th highest mountain in the world, BNT reported. This is the tenth eighth-thousander the 41-year-old Bulgarian climbed after his ascent of Kanchengjong (8,586 m) on May 15, Gas

Chess Iranians Tried to Hack Microsoft Servers

Iranians have tried to hack the accounts of thousands of Americans in order to influence the country's presidential campaign. The statement is from Microsoft, which has caught the hackers' action. The Seattle-based company said Iranian agents had attacked a certain

Chess The Price of Pork in Bulgaria – Artificially Inflated

The Prime Minister of the State Commission on Stock Exchanges and Markets Vladimir Ivanov shared that the pork prices in the country are artificially inflated, “Trud” newspaper reported. The price at the Bulgarian markets is around BGN 8.50 per kg. Meanwhile 

Chess Car theft/platinum: cat burglars

Rising precious metals prices are luring criminals to target  catalytic converters which use platinum, palladium or rhodium

Chess In the News: Finance Issues Take Center Stage for Small Businesses

This week the issue of finance, which is a constant challenge for small businesses was front and center. First small business owners said they are not getting the service they deserve from the bank.  As a matter of fact, 69% of owners in a survey say they are

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