Chess Russia Poses no threat to Baltic Republics – Czech Officials

Prague. Russia poses no direct threat to the Baltic states but NATO is deploying additional forces there to demonstrate its resolve to protect its eastern flank, Czech General Petr Pavel, the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, and former Czech Foreign Minist

Chess Rumour about Contaminated Water in Sofia Caused Panic

Message from MP Tasko Ermenkov of the Bulgarian Socialist Party on a social network about poisoned in Sofia drinking water caused panic in state and municipal institutions. The Sofia Municipality, the Regional Health Inspectorate, Sofiyska Voda and even the Nuclear

Chess Batteries are the next frontier of industrial competition

Why the race is on to host the factories that will serve the electric vehicle market

Chess Data Reveals 10 Metro Areas with Good Pools of Potential Gen X Employees for Small Businesses

The employees at your small business likely range in ages. As you may be looking to lower the average age of employees at your company — maybe to bring in a little youthful exhuberance — don’t overlook the generation between the Baby Boomers and

Chess Master the Art of Local Marketing with these 12 Tips

Local marketing has multiple benefits for a business. It offers you the opportunity to get your products and services in the face of new home-based customers and can elevate your business in the community. Your company can easily become a household name by being f

Chess What is PCI Compliance and Why MUST Small Business Owners Be Concerned?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards, designed to ensure businesses which accept and process credit and debit card information, do so in a safe and secure environment. No matter what industry you operate in or w

Chess SBA Restores LGBTQ Resources to Its Website

The Small Business Administration’s Lesbian, Gay and Transgender (LGBT) Outreach page is up and running again. A letter written to SBA Administrator Linda McMahon by House Small Business Committee Ranking Member Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-New York) an

Chess EDF in talks to sell half of its UK wind assets

Analysts estimate the disposal could be valued at about ?600m

Chess Studies query environmental case for China’s electric-car policies

Experts say massive plan may be more about industrial advantage than green impact

Chess Studies question environmental case for China’s EV policies

Experts say massive state programme may be more about creating industrial advantage

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