Chess Turkish F-16s violate Greek airspace

A pair of Turkish F-16 fighter jets flying in formation violated Greek national airspace three times on Monday in the northeastern, central and southeastern Aegean, military authorities said, Ekathimerini writes. The jets, along with a Turkish CN-235 airplane, also

Chess Dimitar Glavchev Joins EU National Parliaments Speakers Conference

‘’As holder of the rotation presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2018, Bulgaria will be actve cooperating for the sake of a unified vision about the future of the Union’’, said Bulgarian National Assembly President Dimitar Glavchev addressing

Chess Business leaders back low-carbon energy system

Energy Transitions Commission pushes for renewables to comprise almost all energy by 2030s

Chess Hayward finds life anything but easy in Kurdistan

Former BP boss leaves Genel Energy after it slashed its estimated oil reserves

Chess Britain’s energy market is faulty but not broken

Number 10 should exhaust all options before giving up on competition

Chess Gazprom to receive funding for Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Five European energy groups will provide loans to contentious project

Chess 3 Ways Sustainability And Small Business Connect Via Energy

Sustainability has been a national conversation in recent years, and with political discussions about environmental issues heating up, the time is right for leaders in sustainability to help demystify the issue. As politicians argue about policies, incentives, and

Chess New Trend: Marijuana — at the Drive-Thru?

Ever since states like Colorado started legalizing marijuana for medical and/or recreational use, most customers have had to go into stores to make their purchases. But that’s no longer the case for customers of one Colorado business. Drive Through Marijuana Sho

Chess An air marshal leaves her loaded gun in a plane toilet

PEOPLE often enter a public toilet with a sense of trepidation; after all, who knows what horror might await behind the cubicle door. Even so, a passenger on a service between Manchester, Britain, and New York got a nasty surprise. Earlier this month an Americ

Chess WordPress Announces Yet Another Maintenance Update

WordPress 4.7.4 is now available. The release contains 47 maintenance enhancements and fixes. Chief among them includes a visual editor compatibility fix for an upcoming version of Chrome. WordPress April 2017 Maintenance Update With the new update, uploading au

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