Chess Bulgaria and Austria Share a Common Vision For the Danube Strategy

The Presidents of Bulgaria and Austria called for a revival of the Danube Strategy and more active cooperation between the countries located along the Danube. Rumen Radev made an official visit to Austria at the invitation of his colleague Alexander Van der Bellen.

Chess Only 1% of GPs in Bulgaria Are under 39 Years Old

Only 1% of the General Practitioners in Bulgaria are aged 39 or under, data of the Bulgarian Ministry of Health show. 38% of the GPs are aged 60 or above, 17% of them are at the age of 65 or above and 8% of the General Practitioners are aged 70 or above. The Natio

Chess 142,000 Unemployed in the Second Quarter of 2019

In the second quarter of 2019, the total number of employed people aged 15 and over is 3 262.8 thousand, of which 1 733.2 thousand men and 1 529.7 thousand women. The relative share of employed persons in the population aged 15 and over is 54.7%, with a share of 60

Chess 53 Women Killed in Turkey in September

53 women were killed in Turkey in September - the highest number in recent months, according to Turkish private television NTV, quoted by BTA. According to the platform, "We Will Stop Crimes Against Women," 11 of the cases were registered as "suspicious deaths", t

Chess Low-Code Development Tools Offer New Options for Small Businesses

As small businesses continue to look towards addressing growing customer needs, more small businesses are developing their own applications in-house. Whether mapping customer success stories, managing business processes or building databases, companies are looking

Chess BP: Greta expectations 

Old-school oilman Bob Dudley is leaving at a judicious moment

Chess Scientists: The Mysterious Fireballs over Chile Are not Meteorites

The bright fireball objects which were recently observed in the sky over Chile's southern island of Chiloe have sparked further speculation after officials from the National Geological and Mining Service of Chile announced that the flaming objects were not meteorit

Chess Part of Glasgow Airport Cordoned Off due to Suspicious Cargo

Emergency at Glasgow Airport. Part of the runway was cordoned off because of a suspicious cargo on a flight arriving from Amsterdam. According to British media, the cargo was on a plane from Dutch airline KLM which landed in Glasgow. The area is cordoned off and i

Chess Europe Prepares Countermeasures for US Customs

The United States made an announcement that it will impose new customs duties on goods from the European Union. They take effect in 2 weeks. French wines, Scotch whiskey, Italian cheeses and many other goods will be subject to a 25% duty. Countermeasures are alread

Chess HP Announces Massive Restructuring Plan, Closing 9,000 Jobs

Мanufacturer of US computers and printers Hewlett Packard Inc. announced a major restructuring plan. HP said it intends to cut between 7000 and 9,000 jobs out of a total 55,000, according to global agencies. The workers will be discharged “through a combination

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