Chess Bryan Manning of Two Blind Brothers: Before It was a Business, It was a Mission

Earlier this week, Facebook launched their 3.5 Degrees podcast focused on sharing stories of entrepreneurs building successful businesses and giving them an opportunity to have conversations with well-known successful business people in their industries.  It&

Chess Small Businesses Add 89,000 Jobs But Minimum Wage Issues Loom

It’s another week where, on one hand, things look good for small business across the country. And then … There’s that other hand. In the last week, we reported that small businesses and franchise businesses were each busy at the end of 2018 filli

Chess Nyrstar appoints new chairman and interim CFO

Chess You Remind Me of a Young … No, That’s Somebody Else

“You remind me of a young me” is a not uncommon cliche. I don’t know who started it, but although I suppose it’s meant as a compliment, it’s always struck me as just really narcissistic. There’s a lot of funny ways to go with th

Chess UK’s junior energy groups suffer torrid start to the year

Sector sees flurry of takeover activity and corporate governance wrangles

Chess Despite AI, Human Effort Remains Important in Business, LinkedIn Report Says

The LinkedIn 2018 Emerging Jobs Report says artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. However, it also states basic business functions are surging, adding technology can’t replace the power of humans. This LinkedIn report is put together so professionals

Chess China Moly pays $1.1bn to strengthen control over giant Congo cobalt mine

Chess Is Talus Payments a Fit for Your Small Business?

Small business fintech payment solution provider Talus has recently made another acquisition totaling three in the payment technology space over the last 18 months. The move positions them to be an industry force in that service for small businesses while gaining

Chess Schlumberger expects divergence in the global oil industry

Oilfield services company reports quarterly earnings miss

Chess Why # 10yearschallenge is Not a Harmless Fashion on Social Networks?

People do love a Facebook challenge, from posting random movie stills through to the albums that define your life, writes But the latest trend could be used for far more sinister purposes argues one writer.  Kate O'Neill tweeted about the tend s

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