Chess Georgia Attracts Tourists with Legal Marijuana

Georgia expects a tourist boom due to the legal use of marijuana, Interfax reported. "In the Netherlands, light drugs are allowed and tourists from all over the world are flocking to the West European Kingdom just because of this, so we think we can attract touris

Chess The President of Peru Refused to Resign, Despite Allegations of Corruption

Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has refused to resign, rejecting the opposition's ultimatum to step down or face impeachment over bribery accusations by the Brazilian company Odebrecht. "I will not give up my honor, my values ??or my duties as a president,"

Chess These are the Last Places on Earth Without Internet

In 35 countries in the world under 20% of the population have access to the Internet. That means less than one in five people in the country can enter the global network because of lack of infrastructure, according to a study by the British company Akamai, quoted b

Chess Norway Decriminalized Drugs

Norway becomes the first Scandinavian state to decriminalize drugs, writes Independent. The majority of MPs in the Norwegian Parliament support the historic change, including conservatives, liberals and two left-wing parties. They entrust the government with the

Chess More than a Quarter of the Immigrants in Bulgaria are from Russia

Bulgaria is among the countries of the European Union (EU) with the largest share of immigrants from third countries compared to the population and among those with the smallest share of people from EU countries. This shows data from the European Statistics Office

Chess Can Microsoft’s Whiteboard App for Windows 10 Devices Help Your Team Collaborate?

Earlier this week, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) released a preview of the new Whiteboard app that basically allows you, together with your team, to collaborate on a “digital canvas that displays drawings, images as well as hand-written notes.” The app has,

Chess EDF board gives green light to Areva stake purchase

Chess Fourth Quarter in the Capital Protests Against the Air Pollution

Oborishte district protests against the dirty air in Sofia. Along with three other neighborhoods that earlier this week announced the date and time of December 19 at 19:00, people will go out to express their civic position, the organizers said. The dirty air of S

Chess How Self-Centered Self-Promotion can be Self-Destructive in Business

Brevity is wit. But sometimes a long caption is just what the doctor ordered. And you’d think it would be easier to write, having more room to get your point across, but in the case of something like this cartoon, you’d be wrong. I spent most of an aft

Chess Rapid changes in the climate for carbon-heavy investments

The Paris agreement has quickened the move to a greener economy

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