Chess Bulgaria Launches Natural Gas Hub Project with EU Support

Bulgaria is creating a natural gas hub at its Black Sea coast. The Bulgarian energy ministry says the state-owned company Bulgartransgaz signed a 1.2 million-euro ($1.5 million) contract Thursday with a Bulgarian-Swiss consortium for a feasibility study. The 

Chess About 1.2 million Foreign Tourists Visited Bulgaria During the Winter Season

We expect the sum of the winter tourist season in Bulgaria to be 1.2 million foreign tourists entering Bulgaria. There was a drop in ski tourism in early January due to the warm weather. Ski tourists will be about 190 thousand, with more than half of them in Bansko

Chess The Monument of Buzludzha is Among the Seven Most Endangered in Europe

The monument of Buzludja is among the seven most endangered cultural and historical sites in Europe, BNR reports. This was reported by the largest European non-governmental organization for the preservation of the cultural heritage "Europe Nostra", which has more t

Chess Bulgaria is Again the Country with the Highest Mortality Rate Across the European Union

Bulgaria is again the country with the highest mortality rate across the European Union. This is according to  the European Statistical Office. According to data for 2015, the mortality rate in Bulgaria was 1660 per 100 000 people. In the EU, the average was 1036

Chess Armed Man Robbed a Casino in Sofia

Robbery was executed early this morning at a casino in Sofia, BNR reported. According to Horizon, the perpetrator was one and managed to take a small sum. The casino workers have told the police that the man was armed with a gun. A masked gunman attacked a croupi

Chess Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia: If Iran Develops a Nuclear Bomb Riyadh will Follow

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman threatens a new arms race in the Middle East, the British Times reported, quoted by the Bulgarian National Radio. The Saudi prince was categorical that if Tehran developed a nuclear weapon, then Riyadh would seek to include

Chess An International Forum on Preventing Violence Against Women Starts in Sofia

EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and Minister of Justice Tsetska Tsacheva will participate in an international conference on "Secure Future for Women - A Safe Future for All", BNR Discussions in Sofia are within the framework of the Bulgarian Euro-Presidency. The f

Chess Germany Continues to Sell Weapons to Turkey

Germany continues to sell weapons for millions of euros to Turkey in the context of a controversial Ankara operation against Kurdish militias in northern Syria, DPA reported. During the first 40 days since the beginning of the Turkish operation "Olive Branch", Ber

Chess Over 40 People were Injured in a Collision of Trams in Cologne

More than 40 people were injured in a collision of two trams in Cologne on Thursday night, Lokal said. According to the police, one of the drivers was drunk and this caused the crash. One of the trams had stopped at the stop, and the second one had collided with i

Chess Miami Pedestrian Bridge Collapses, Killing at Least Four, Officials Say

A pedestrian walkway that was still under construction collapsed onto a busy highway in Miami on Thursday, killing at least four people. The Florida Highway Patrol said multiple vehicles were crushed by the spannear Florida International University's campus when

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