Chess Slavi Trifonov to Politicians: I Give You Two Weeks

A few hours after the first official results from the snap parliamentary elections became known, TV show host Slavi Trifonov threatened the new Parliament with protests unless, in two weeks, it starts working on amendments to the Electoral Code related to the refer

Chess Turkish Media on Bulgaria’s Snap Elections

Corruption, social inequality, xenophobia and hatred of foreigners on the one hand and, on the other hand, pressure, rudeness and obstacles against Turks with dual citizenship who wanted to go to Bulgaria in order to vote there, wrote the online edition Haberler an

Chess 20 Home Improvement Franchise Opportunities

Home improvement projects are on the rise, as more and more homeowners give their properties a facelift to reap higher levels of equity. According to a new report from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing, ‘nesting is investing’ – the phrase coined for h

Chess Trump Hands Merkel USD 375 B Bill

President Donald Trump has handed German Chancellor Angela Merkel a bill for USD 375 B owed by Germany to NATO, reported Sunday Times, cited by TASS. A minister in the government told the newspaper that, at the recent meeting between the two leaders in the White H

Chess How airlines are responding to America’s laptop ban

THE recently announced ban on laptops and other large electronic devices on direct flights from Middle Eastern airports to America is bad news for business travellers hoping to get work done on these long journeys. That, in turn, spells trouble for the airlines tha

Chess With Snap Elections Over, It Is President Radev’s Move

At nearly 100% of processed protocols from voting sections, five political parties will enter the 44th Parliament, while GEB is again the leading political force. After the Central Election Commission (CEC) announces the official results of the snap elections for

Chess Business Travelers Beware, No Using Laptops on Flights from These 10 Airports

International business air travelers will be forced to comply with yet another travel ban that now prohibits the use of laptops and tablets on commercial flights to the United States. New Aviation Security Measures Announced Secretary of Homeland Security John Kel

Chess Only One Party Out of Parliament To Receive Subsidy After Snap Elections

Only one of the parties which do not enter Parliament – Vazrazhdane (Revival) has a result of over 1% (1.08%) and will receive a party subsidy according to data of the Central Election Commission at 98.50% processed protocols. All the rest which received subsidi

Chess Mareshki To Supprot Cabinet Only In Return for Ministerial Posts

Volya’s leader Veselin Mareshki has stated at a special press conference on Monday that he would not simply support a government but he would participate in such a government with ministerial positions. Mareshki underlined that he would not play the role of the

Chess What is the Telegram Messenger App and How Can You Use It for Your Business?

Telegram is much more than your average messaging service. The cloud-based app takes instant messaging and private communications to the next level. Telegram’s growth to more than 100 million monthly active users is fueled by its ease of set-up, intuitive interf

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