Chess Severn Trent pledges higher dividend increases

Group defends water sector amid calls by opposition politicians for nationalisation

Chess Additional Security Measures for Europa League Final in Stockholm Already in Place

Heightened security is on the cards for the forthcoming Europa League final between Manchester United and Ajax in Stockholm, but not as a consequence of the suicide blast in Manchester, UEFA has explained, quoted by the In a statement on their website,

Chess 50 Painless Ways to Save Money in Your Business Operations

Sponsored Post There are two ways to build a profitable business. The first way is to increase sales.  This is usually the side of the equation that gets all the attention. Increasing sales, however, isn’t 100 percent under your control. This is where saving mo

Chess The “I’ve paid in all my life” fallacy

SOCIAL security is often described as the “third rail” of American politics—touch it and you die. Britain’s prime minister has just tied herself into a tangle over the way to fund long-term care for the elderly.The problem is made more difficult because of

Chess Children From I to XII Grade in Bulgarian Schools Abroad Could be Taught in Bulgarian Language

''All children from I to XII grade in over 300 Bulgarian schools around the world could be taught in Bulgarian language and literature  and receive a certificate'', the Ministry of Education said, quoted by Focus news agency. With this document, they will avoid

Chess UK Police: 23-Year-Old Man Arrested Over Manchester Attack

British police said on Tuesday they had arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with a terror attack at a pop concert in Manchester which killed 22 people and injured dozens more, AFP reported."With regards to the ongoing investigation into last night's horrific

Chess Bulgaria Will Work to Attract More Italian Investors

‘’We will work to strengthen and develop the trade and economic relations between Bulgaria and Italy’’, said the Bulgarian Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov during a meeting with the Italian Ambassador to Bulgaria Stefano Baldi, BNR reported. Minister K

Chess How to Create a Product Prototype

In the first article in this series, Michael Bredemeier, Co-Founder and COO at Little Toader, explained how to bring a prototype to market. In this second installment, he tells Small Business Trends about the steps involved in creating a prototype. Putting the ri

Chess Oil supply: pump and dump

Regardless of the US strategic reserve, Opec needs to meet the supply challenge from US shale producers

Chess 35 Contracts Have Been Signed Under the Bulgaria-Serbia Cross-border Cooperation Programme

''35 contracts for execution of projects have been signed under the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-Border Programme 2014-2020. They are for nearly EUR 16m, which is 47% of the total programme budget, totalling to over EUR 34m.'' This is what Deputy Minister of Regiona

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