Chess Small Businesses in the Midwest Are in Hiring Mode, Others – Not So Much

No matter where your small business is located, if you’re hiring right now, you’re likely competing against big demand from small businesses in the Midwest. Small businesses in large portions of the nation’s breadbasket are looking for a lot more

Chess Amazon’s big, fresh deal

JEFF BEZOS does not like sitting still. In his annual letter to Amazon’s shareholders this year, he warned of “stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death.” Competitors are toiling to avoid the same fate but i

Chess 10 Things Small Businesses Should Know About the New 833 Toll Free Phone Exchange

The FCC just released a new toll-free prefix on June 3, meaning there are now a whole new series of toll-free numbers for businesses to claim. The 833 prefix opens up more vanity numbers and combinations that are easy for customers to remember. And those numbers m

Chess Bulgaria continues cooperation with EBRD

Bulgaria has signed a memorandum of understanding with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to guarantee support for projects, financed through the European structural and investment funds for 2014-2020, the government’s press office said.

Chess Three customs employees charged over bribes

The Specialised Prosecutor’s Office has charged three employees from the customs of Burgas with a criminal conspiracy for bribes, the Specialised Appeal Prosecutor’s Office said. The employees were detained in an operation on June 20, 2017. According to prosecu

Chess Microsoft Dictate Types While You Talk

If there is one word synonymous with digital technology, it is efficiency. And the folks at Microsoft Garage have released a new tool which will make you more efficient over typing on a keyboard, Dictate. Meet Microsoft Dictate As the name implies, Dictate is an a

Chess Parliament changes law to remove road signs warning drivers of cameras

The Parliament has approved in second reading some changes to the road traffic law that will remove road signs indicating the presence of cameras, FOCUS News Agency reports. In addition, the registration of a vehicle, whose owner gives it to a person with no drivin

Chess BSP warns of protests unless it gets monument from state

The leader of Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Korneliya Ninova, urged Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to keep what he had proposed about the Buzludzha monument, otherwise the socialists will protest in front of the government headquarters, a reporter of FOCUS News Ag

Chess Protect Your Customers from Package Theft, Adopt These 5 Strategies (INFOGRAPHIC)

Small businesses beware! Package thieves are on the prowl. Package theft, a common problem around the holiday season, is an issue all year long. Worse yet, a large number of consumers (61 percent) feel online retailers are not doing enough to prevent the nuisance.

Chess India’s huge buffalo-meat industry is in limbo

IN A corner of the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) stands a gleaming building dedicated to animal slaughter on an industrial scale. Neatly mown lawns lead the way to a corral for hundreds of the curly-horned Murrah buffalo typical of the region. Nearby is a lorry-sized

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