Chess Are You Making the Most of Automated Email Marketing?

So, after seeing the latest numbers, you finally bit the bullet and signed-up for that spiffy new marketing automation software. The problem now is figuring out what to do with the app. You’re excited to get started, but there’s a lot under the hood a

Chess In First Quarter of 2017, 926 100 Bulgarians Made Tourist Trips

In the first quarter of 2017, 926 100 Bulgarians made tourist trips, up 68.3% year-on-year, according to data of the National Statistics Institute (NSI).Most Bulgarians, 89.4%, travelled only in the country, another 9.4% travelled only abroad, while 1.2% did it bo

Chess Sofia, Athens Continue Exchange on Issues, Related to Future of EU and Migration

During the second Rhodes Conference for Security and Stability Foreign Ministers of Bulgaria and Greece Ekaterina Zaharieva and Nikos Kotzias confirmed the strategic feature of the bilateral relations, stating their will for the deepening of the latter. The minist

Chess 68% of Bulgarians Аdmit to not Having Bought a Book in the Past Year

At least 68% of Bulgarians and their families have not bought a book in the past year, according to data published by Balkan British Social Surveys (BBSS). The data was compiled on the occation of May 24, the Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literatur

Chess 10 Tips for Serving Deaf Customers at Your Small Business

Marilyn Weber’s path to being the president and CEO of Deaf Interpreter Services, Inc. (DIS)  in San Antonio, Texas, has a personal side. She began learning American Sign Language when her daughter was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at the age of three. T

Chess India’s plan to tax solar panels higher than coal prompts alarm

Renewables sector and foreign investors complain GST will drive up prices

Chess Spring Book Bazaar Opens at National Palace of Culture

On the eve of the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture, the biggest spring book fair in Bulgaria opens at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia: the Spring Book Bazaar. It will be held until May 28, on the third floor of the National Palace of Culture in downt

Chess Angela Merkel Stands for Bulgaria in Front of the European Commission

In a letter addressed to the Bulgarian president, the German head of state Angela Merkel had announced that the effective defense of the Bulgarian state boarders are of crucial importance for the overall interest of the EU, reports the Standart newspaper. The Chanc

Chess 5 Things That Motivate Employees to Go Above and Beyond

Every business owner imagines having a “dream team” of employees — people who consistently go the extra mile at work. If your team is falling short of that fantasy, maybe it’s because you’re not providing the push they need to give 110 percent. A stu

Chess 10km Queue of Cargo Vehicles at at Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint

On the Bulgarian-Turkish border there is a 10km queue of cargo vehicles at exit from the country at Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint, the press office of Chief Directorate Border Police said, cited by Focus News Agency.  On the Bulgarian-Romanian border, at D

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