Chess Bulgaria and Sweden have Established a Common Chamber of Commerce

The new association was opened by the Swedish Ambassador to Bulgaria Louise Bergholm and the Deputy Minister of Economy Lilia Ivanova. According to a study by the Swedish embassy, investments in Bulgaria will grow this year. Nearly half of the companies are expec

Chess Berlusconi to Run For the European Parliament Elections

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will run in the European Parliament election in May, he announced Thursday. “At my lovely age, I’ve decided out of a sense of responsibility to head for Europe where there is a lack of deep thinking about the wor

Chess World Day of Snowman

The snowman is the beloved symbol for the winter. He is one of the most popular figures worldwide. Wherever people know snow they know also snow formed figures and figurines. The snowman is apolitical and has no religious background. Two of many reasons to enjoy hi

Chess More than 150 Passengers Stuck at Sofia Airport for 12 hours

More than 150 people were stuck at Sofia airport for 12 hours. The reason was a long delay to a flight to Barcelona. The airline explained to the passengers that weather problems forced the plane to wait for hours to depart from Jordan. The plane from Sofia to Bar

Chess Bulgaria to use Croatia’s Experience in Field of Organ Donation and Transplantation

Bulgaria’s Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev met in Sofia with the National Transplant Coordinator of Croatia Dr Mirela Bu?i?, reported the Bulgarian National Radio. Minister Ananiev and Mirela Bu?i? discussed Croatia’s experience in the field of organ donation

Chess Bulgaria Honors St. Athanasius Half Past Winter

he Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates on Thursday, January 18, the Day of St. Athanasius, who is the ruler of snow and ice. In Bulgarian folk beliefs, the holiday - known as Atanasovden - is said to mark the middle of winter, when the season starts to chan

Chess Sofia: Higher Levels of Particulate Matter in Some City Districts

 Increased concentration of particulate matter has been registered in several neighbourhoods of the capital city, according to information on Sofia Municipality’s website. Air pollution is registered in the neighbourhoods of Mladost, Druzhba, Pavlovo, Hipodrum

Chess Sunshine Till Noon, Clouds Will Cover the Whole Country by the End of the Day

Today the sky will be clear in the morning, but cloudiness will be increasing from west, mostly middle and high, and will cover the whole country by the end of the day. Light to moderate wind is expected from south-southwest. Continuing warm spell with highs mostl

Chess Renewable energy worldwide may be hit by PG&E’s looming bankruptcy

If California can squirm out of high-cost renewable power contracts, others will do likewise

Chess PG&E’s looming bankruptcy is ominous for green power

If California can squirm out of high-cost renewable power contracts, others will do likewise

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