Chess Тhis Summer Was the Hottest on Record in the Northern Hemisphere

Тhis summer has been the hottest in the northern hemisphere since measurements were made, scientists from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NОAA) have found. Their report, cited by the DPA, said that for the planet as a whole, the three mon

Chess Low Salaries Stand in the State’s Way to Attract Good Cyber-Specialists

If we tolerate the hackers, nothing good is coming. The laws are not bad now, they just have to be obeyed. We want to make it easier for citizens, to have more electronic services, but if someone sabotage them constantly, we will go back to typewriters. The Financ

Chess Megan Markle’s Nephew, Tyler Dooley, Named a Drug after Her 3-Month-Old Son Archie

Megan Markle's nephew, Tyler Dooley, named a drug after her 3-month-old son Archie, expecting the name to earn him good income. The marijuana strain “Archie Sparkie” is grown on a ranch in Oregon, along with more varieties over an area of ??1,000 acres. Before

Chess France Evacuates 900 Migrants from a Camp near the English Channel

French police have evacuated at least 900 migrants from a sports hall and a tent camp near the English Channel, due to security and hygiene issues, BTA reported. A spokesman for the Nor Department said that there is an unspecified number of children and their fami

Chess Bulgaria Is the Leader in the Number of Fintech Companies in Southeastern Europe

The total number of fintech companies in Bulgaria is 65, by which the country is a leader in the region of Southeastern Europe, according to the first of its kind report, prepared by the Bulgarian Fintech Association, writes In the last three years, th

Chess Chick-Fil-A Success Shows Brand’s Ability to Triumph Over PR Problems

Brooklyn residents were quick to embrace Chick-fil-A after the fast-food chain opened in the city for the first time ever. Chick-Fil-A in Brooklyn People gathered outside the location ahead of it’s opening. The line got so long that what appears to be red ve

Chess Sirius Minerals: pot-crash mine

The story of a $500m bond issue that wasn’t.

Chess Sotir Tsatsarov: It’s neither my, nor the Judiciary’s Job to Advise the Public Administration that It Should Reconsider the Entire Protection System for Its Computer Networks

It is not my job to advise the public administration that it should reconsider the entire protection system for its computer networks and databases, Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov said during a forum on Cybersecurity and Trade Secret and Trademark Abuse, Focus

Chess An Electronic Labor Exchange Platform Will Start Operating on the European Labor Day

The European Labor Day will be celebrated in Bulgaria with an electronic labor exchange in Sofia, organized by the Employment Agency. It will be opened by Zornitsa Rusinova, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy. Without the need for on-site presence, the onl

Chess Brad Pitt Received a Compliment from the Space

Actor Brad Pitt received a compliment from the Space. It is referring to his role in the movie “Ad Astra”, in which he plays the role of an astronaut. In it, Pitt embarks on a risky mission to seek out his father, whose experiment threatens the solar system. T

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