Chess Le Pen: EU Will Die, Globalists Will Be Defeated

The candidate for president of France Marine Le Pen has stated that the European Union will die and that globalists will be defeated. At an election meeting in Lille, she accused her rivals in the elections – Emmanuel Macron and Fran?ois Fillon of betrayal becau

Chess GERB – 32.66%, BSP – 27.19% at 99.98% Processed Protocols

The Central Election commission published at 12:45 hrs on March 27 the results from 99.98% of protocols from section electoral commissions processed by regional electoral commissions. According to CEC, parties, coalitions and independent candidates have the follow

Chess Radan Kanev Resigns As Leader of New Republic

Radan Kanev has resigned as leader of the coalition New Republic. He will do the same as leader of Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB) later on Monday afternoon. The politician stated that he is resigning not only because of New Republic’s weak result but also s

Chess Why You Should Always Talk to Strangers as an Entrepreneur

When I was a kid, my parents told me “you should never talk to strangers.” While this was a common refrain among parents worried about the safety of their kids, it is a very bad life philosophy to learn, particularly if you want to become an entrepreneur or in

Chess Albania Makes Public State Security Files From Hoxha’s Regime

Albania’s government has made public the files of the sinister Directorate of State Security Sigurimi from the time ofthe communist dictator Enver Hoxha, reported BGNES. There are millions of documents collected in tens of thousands of files of people persecut

Chess CEC: GERB Wins 21 Regions, BSP – 6, DPS – 3

The Central Elections Commission has announced the results from the elections according to regions with processed protocols on the spot at nearly 100%, reported BGNES. BSP won in six regions – Vidin, Veliko Tarnovo, Dobrich, Montana, Pleven, Yambol. DPS won in

Chess Wall Street Journal: Defeated Socialists Force GERB To Adopt Milder Stance on Russia

Bulgaria’s centre-right party won yesterday’s parliamentary elections, winning a victory over an opposition which is trying to direct the country, a member of the EU, towards a rapprochement with Russia. Politicians who are worried by Russian influence in Easte

Chess 70 Percent of U.S. Workplaces Affected by Opioid Painkiller Abuse

A disturbing majority of businesses in the U.S. are being negatively impacted by prescription painkiller abuse and addiction among employees. Opioid Addiction Statistics A survey recently released by the National Safety Council reveals more than 70 percent of work

Chess Europe’s Largest Banks Declare 26% of Profits in Tax Havens

The twenty largest European banks declare a quarter of their profits in tax haven zones, preferring Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Ireland, reported BGNES. This was shown in a survey of the British non-governmental organisation Oxfam, published on Monday and cited by A

Chess Amnesty International: 1/3 of Jailed Journalists Are Held in Turkey

The international non-governmental organisation Amnesty International has called on Turkey’s government to stop its repressions against the media and to release jailed journalists in the country, reported Voice of America, cited by Focus agency. “At the moment

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